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Telematics for Libraries - Projects


Updated: 22 NOV 99

Project Number and Title
4091 - Implementation Maintenance and Promotion of the EDILE/EDITEUR Standards sets
Programme/Action line Call Topic(s) Start End Project Duration
in Months
FP4 / A - Accompanying Measure 6 May 1996 May 1998 24

Keywords : EDI/EDIFACT; standards
Related projects : EDILIBE I; EDILIBE II

Image Additional information is available from the IMPRESS Web site . (

Accompanying Measure

This is an accompanying measure in the area of EDIFACT and EDI standards in libraries.

Call Topic(s)

Call Topic 6: Services for the acquisition and supply of materials to libraries

Project description

IMPRESS aimed to support, disseminate and encourage implementation of the book sector EDI standards produced as part of the EDILIBE project, by providing maintenance of the EDIt-EUR/EDILIBE EDI message set and promoting the benefits of EDI.

Organisational approach

Having successfully completed promotional activities in Spain and Italy, the IMPRESS accompanying measure concentrated on promotion of EDI in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The project was managed and co-ordinated by ED-ItEUR, the Pan-European Book Sector EDI Group sponsored by the European Bureau of Library and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA), the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) and the European Booksellers Federation (EBF). EDItEUR used experienced consultants to undertake the detailed technical tasks guided by a working party of library, bookseller and publisher users.

Key Issues

The single key issue in IMPRESS was to further promote and support the maintenance of the EDILIBE/EDItEUR standards sets.

Actions and Results

The main actions undertaken during IMPRESS were designed to:

  • Provide maintenance of the messages produced as part of the EDILIBE Project, revising the message formats, code lists and implementation notes as required in the light of user demands and changes to the underlying EDIFACT standards. The EDItEUR Message Development Group meets 4 times annually. A new EDItEUR Reference Manual was developed during IMPRESS.

  • Stimulate and support the implementation of the EDIt-EUR/EDILIBE EDI messages, ensuring uniform and consistent interpretation and implementation of the standards. Detailed implementation guidelines are now removed from the Reference Manual, covering Book Trade Distribution, Book Supply to Libraries and Serials - all three of which are freely available from the EDItEUR Web site.

  • Design, set up and maintain an ED-ItEUR Internet Web site and electronic mail list server to support maintenance, implementation and promotion of the EDItEUR / EDILIBE EDI standards. The site was created in February 1997 and averages more than 2000 hits per month.

  • Promote the use of EDI and the ED-ItEUR/EDILIBE standards to the European book sector in general and the Danish, Swedish and Finnish book sectors in particular by producing local language versions of the EDItEUR Book Sector EDI information pack and organising many seminars for leaders of the library, publishing and bookselling sectors in those countries.

  • Seminars were held in Sweden (October 1996), Florence (June 1997), Denmark (September 1997), Finland (January 1998), Heidelberg (June 1998). Results of the EFILA and BIBLINK projects were presented at these seminars.

Four progress reports were issued.


Key effects of the continuing European book sector EDI activities, supported by the Telematics for Libraries Programme, have been to influence the book sectors of other non-EU countries, such as Canada, Japan and US, to adopt the EDItEUR message standards. This should help to provide opportunities for libraries to obtain the books they require from those countries and to facilitate export of European books.

The use of EDI has also been shown to increase efficiency and reduce costs, enabling staff to be employed in more productive tasks than rekeying and improving customer service throughout the book sector.
All major library system vendors have decided to implement the EDItEUR EDIFACT messages in their EDI acquisition facilities, as are many European book suppliers.

Further information and the Implementation Guidelines are available from the contact below and from the EDItEUR Web site at: .


Name of Institution/Organisation Postal Code / City Country
Title, First Name, Name Mr. Brian GREEN Address: 39-41 North Road
Tel: + 44 171 60 70 021 Fax: + 44 171 60 70 415
E-mail 1: (email removed) E-mail 2:

Other Partners :

Name of Institution/Organisation Country Role
Den Danske Boghandlerforening DK S
A. B. Seelig & Co SE S
HYPERLIB enjoys a considerable reputation both for making

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