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Telematics for Libraries - Project


Updated 23 APR 98
Project Number and Title
3007 - Multimedia Education System for Librarians Introducing Remote Interactive Processing of Electronic Documents
Programme/Action line Call Topic(s) Start End Project Duration
in Months
FP 3/ IV Theme 16 bis January 1995 November 1997 35
distance learning; library courseware; EURO-ISDN; library staff training; copyright

Additional information is available from the project's Web pages at

Interfacing in library applications via client-server models (Theme 16 bis)
Project description:
The project partners intended to create, demonstrated and evaluated a multimedia interactive training system for librarians, based on existing library LANs and EURO-ISDN. To this end courseware models and specifications have been developed, taking into account relevant standards relating to courseware and electronic library documents. Existing courseware addresses specific IT issues pertinent to the library world. In the long run the system may host a collection of courseware covering a wide range of subjects relevant to the initial and continuing training of librarians and information specialists.
Technical approach
The project has seven workpackages:
  • Project courseware models - theoretical and non-electronic - as a basis for the electronic model of the courseware;
  • Specification of the electronic version of the courseware with electronic library documents and the remote joint multimedia processing tool;
  • Implementation of the first local prototype;
  • Local field trials at library partners , with feedback from trainers and trainees, and demonstrations to libraries and library schools in each partner country;
  • Copyright resolution by analysing pertinent practical and technical aspects and applying experience from the ESPRIT CITED project;
  • International ISDN set up and pan-European interconnection via ISDN of different library LANs in a client/server architecture;
  • International field trials and evaluations , with enhancement of the system resulting from feedback.
Information dissemination will be via a project brochure, workshops, information days, international trade fairs and specialised press articles. Exploitation strategies will be applied in domains appropriate to each partner.
Key issues
Key issues addressed by this project include pedagogical questions as well as questions related to the harmonisation of European curricula in the field of library and information science. Copyright problems will also be of paramount importance.
Impact and expected results
MURIEL's most high-profile outcome will be an 'electronic textbook' for library students and practitioners.
The courses offered on the textbook will help to rationalise qualifications and enhance mobility within the European library community.
MURIEL will also contribute towards eliminating discrepancies between the library environments of the different European Union states and the different types of library.
The most important deliverable will be the MURIEL prototype, both as an interim and final implementation. Available within the public domain, in line with project progress, will be:
  • A report on the theoretical model;
  • Specification of the prototype;
  • Local field trials evaluation;
  • Report on copyright handling;
  • Report on the international ISDN;
  • International field trials report;
  • Exploitation plans;
  • Final report.

Additional informational is available from the contact below and from the project's Web site at


Name of Institution/Organisation Postal Code / City Country
Title, First Name, Name Herr Jens KOBLIN Address: Dovestraße 2-4
E-mail 1: (email removed) E-mail 2:

Other Partners

Name of Institution/Organisation Country Role
The British Library UK P
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche IT P
Rijkshogeschool Maastricht NL P
Fachhochschule Stuttgart DE A
Euromédia Formation FR A

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