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Telematics for Libraries - Project


Updated: 18 JAN 99
Project Number and Title
3099 - OPAC Network in Europe
Programme/Action line Call Topic(s) Start End Project Duration
in Months
FP 3/ II Theme 9 bis January 1995 December 1997 30
OSI; SR; OPAC; networking

blue bullet Additional information is available from the ONE web site (

SR target development and their interconnection (Theme 9 bis)
Project description
The ONE project will involve national library facilities in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Austria.

ONE will:

  • Establish a service infrastructure for OPAC searching in Europe which can be extended to include other world-wide resources, and can further be expanded to allow ordering of publications found through searching.
  • Establish a trial service based on the databases of the participants involving a wide range of users.
  • Develop and install a Neutral Entry Point software package on a multi-user UNIX platform which can be used as a dial-in facility for terminal-based access.

Experience built-in the project should lead to recommendations to define the requirements for international services and legal and financial arrangements between central organisations. The project will also point out requirements for further development of the standards and associated communication profiles implemented.

Technical approach
The project has eight workpackages:
  • Requirements and specification - evaluation and choice of software for/specification of SRPM (protocol machine), client, communications stack, EXPLAIN protocol service, API, toolbox and NEP;
  • Software design of SRPM, local system SR, NEP, communications stack, stand-alone client, user assistance, EXPLAIN, API and toolbox;
  • Implementation of the designed elements as ANSI-C modules;
  • Testing and interoperation of SR/Z39.50 software installations and search application, with portability, user training and support aspects and user reaction analysis;
  • User interface including search criteria, display formats, help functions, sort facilities, etc.;
  • Dissemination and exploitation ;
  • Standards understanding by participants and input to authorities;
  • Documentation for end-users, system operation and software development.
Key issues
  • To link the users of the participating institutions to the information's available in the catalogues run by the participants;
  • To establish communication between SR/Z39.50 implementations ondifferent platforms and in different network environments;
  • To establish a Neutral Entry Point and a stand alone client package with the full set of SR/Z39.50 protocol services implemented.
Impact and expected results
ONE will not only stimulate and facilitate interworking between libraries in Europe, but will establish the base for a pan-European OPAC network.
It will also contribute materially towards search and retrieve standards and will provide an interoperability test suite for the full SR/Z39.50 Version 3.
The main deliverable will be the OPAC access service based on the NEP software package. Certain plans, evaluations, designs, specifications and technical documentation will be of restricted issue. Within the public domain are:
  • Test results and analyses;
  • Report on participation in standards bodies;
  • Installation documentation;
  • System operation documentation for local systems and NEP;
  • User documentation;
  • Final report.
The complete technical annex can be downloaded in Word Perfect 5.1 for DOS from under the file name .
Documentation is available from the contact below and from ONE web site or from .


Name of Institution/Organisation Postal Code / City Country
Title, First Name, Name Mrs. Liv HOLM Address: Pilestredet 52
Tel: +47-22 45 26 00 Fax: +47-22 45 26 05
E-mail 1: (email removed) E-mail 2:

Other Partners

Name of Institution/Organisation Country Role
British Library UK P
Danish Library Centre DK P
Die Deutsche Bibliothek DE P
Joanneum Research AT P
Royal Library - LIBRIS UK P
Norwegian National Library NO P
Satellites International Ltd. (SIL) UK P
Helsinki University Library - TKAY SF P
Steiermarkische Landesbibliothek AT A
University Library of Oslo NO A
Danish National Museum NO A

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