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Confronting the major communicable diseases linked to poverty

The strategic objective of this line is to confront the global emergency caused by the three major communicable diseases - HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis - through the development of effective disease interventions, particularly for use in developing countries. It is envisaged that developing countries will be significant partners in the implementation of this line and, as appropriate, participate directly in specific activities within it, in particular through the clinical trials programme.

Operationally, the programme to combat Poverty-related Diseases has two arms.

1) Support for projects selected through standard call procedures, using either the two new instruments (networks of excellence and integrated projects) to promote a better integration of research efforts across Europe, or smaller instruments (STREP, CA, SSA) to strengthen innovation and coordination in this field.

Objectives : to develop vaccines, drugs and microbicides for HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis through basic science up to pre-clinical and early human testing (phase I clinical trials)

Work programme with specific research topics for currently open call . Please note that this area is opened for the fourth call (deadline 9 November 2005).

For more information:

FP6 projects sorted by acronym

2) Support to the "European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership" (EDCTP) Programme .

Objectives: to develop new clinical interventions against HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB through a long-term partnership between Europe and developing countries. One of the main goals is to support phase II and phase III clinical trials of promising products in, with, and for, developing countries."

The EDCTP has its separate legal entity established in The Hague, The Netherlands, with its own operational procedures, including calls for proposals and appropriate selection and evaluation procedures.

Call for proposals and information can be found on the EDCTP Secretariat (The Hague) website: .

Europa website:

Relevant publications:

  • Impact evaluation of the Control of Infectious Diseases Key Action in the Fifth Framework Programme of Research (1998-2002) - Study report (Download in PDF )
  • Control of Infectious Diseases - Catalogue of Research Projects in the Fifth Framework Programme (1998-2002) , download from CORDIS Quality of Life Publications

Commission contacts and information for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis