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International co-operation

is supported and encouraged within this thematic priority, in keeping with the vision of an outward-looking European Research Area, and in line with the overall strategy of supporting international cooperation in FP6.

Initiative to promote the participation of Targeted Third Countries in a selection of existing projects (running or under negotiation): New call launched on 15 February 2006, with closing date on 16 May 2006.

All areas within the Life Sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health are open to international co-operation. In general, projects must have a minimum number of participants from Member States, Candidate States and/or other Associated States (eg. EFTA countries, see countries list ), but beyond this participation is open, in principle, to legal entities from any country (bar a few current exceptions - see 1 ), and to international organisations .

There is a particular focus on co-operating with organisations from INCO target countries (African, Caribbean, Pacific, Asian & Latin American countries; The Mediterranean partner countries; Russia and the New Independent states; Western Balkan Countries), and on countries with Scientific and Technical co-operation agreements (see countries list ).

Within this priority, the thematic area ' Confronting the major communicable diseases linked to poverty ' places a particular emphasis on involving groups and organisations from developing countries.

Eligibility for Funding

  • Participants from Member States, Candidate countries, Associated States, and International organizations of European Interest - fully eligible for funding.
  • Participants from INCO target countries - funding within limits of available budget earmarked for international co-operation
  • Other countries - funding if necessary for carrying out the research
  • Other international organisations - funding if necessary for carrying out the research

Specific Support Actions (SSAs)

Funding is available for SSAs to stimulate international co-operation

  • in particular with countries having signed S&T agreements with the EU
  • in particular with INCO target countries

SSAs may be executed by a single legal entity from a Member State or Associated State, involving other partners as appropriate.

An invitation for proposals for such projects is included in the Fourth Call (topic ref: LSH-2005-3-2)

New leaflet: International Cooperation in Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health. (PDF)

Other FP6 actions supporting international co-operation in health-related research

What happened in International cooperation, January-June 2004. (PDF)

EC-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research

Since 1990, the EC-US Task Force on Biotechnology Research has been coordinating transatlantic efforts to guide and exploit the ongoing revolution in biotechnology and the life sciences. The Task Force was established in June 1990 by the European Commission and the White House Office of Science and Technology. This mandate has been renewed three times. For more information see