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FP6 cardiovascular disease projects

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
LSH-2002-2.1.1-1 BLOODOMICS IP Identification of risk genes for atherothrombosis in coronary artery disease by transcriptome and proteome analysis and high throughput exon resequencing WWW
LSH-2002-2.1.1-6 EVGN NoE European Vascular Genomics Network WWW
LSH-2003-2.1.0-1 EICOSANOX IP Eicosanoids and Nitric Oxide: Mediators of Cardiovascular, Cerebral & Neoplastic Diseases WWW
LSH-2002-2.1.0-2 MYOCARDIAL REPAIR SSA Clinical experience with bone marrow stem cells and myoblasts WWW
LSH-2003-2.1.1-6 MOLSTROKE STREP Molecular basis of vascular events leading to thrombotic stroke WWW
SH-2003-2.1.1-6 EuroClot STREP Genetic Regulation of the End-Stage Clotting Process That Leads to Thrombotic Stroke WWW
SH-2003-1.2.5-4 CARDIOWORKBENCH STREP Drug design for cardiovascular diseases: Integration of in silico and in vitro analysis WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-1 EUGeneHeart IP Genomics of cardiomyocyte signalling relevant to heart failure WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-2 HeartRepair IP Heart Failure and Cardiac Repair WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-3 PULMOTENSION IP Pulmonary hypertension: functional genomics and therapy of lung vascular remodelling WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-4 CONTICA STREP Control of intracellular Calcium and Arrhythmias WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-4 NORMACOR STREP Normal and abnormal cardiac excitation: generation, propagation, and coupling to contraction WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-1 CARDIOGENICS IP Identification of genetic roots of coronary artery disease by combining stepwise genome wide association studies with transcriptomic and functional genomic investigation of relevant genetic variants WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-1 PROCARDIS IP A genome-wide mapping and functional genomics approach to elucidating PRecOcious Coronary Artery DISease WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-2 InGenious HyperCare NoE Integrated Genomics, Clinical Research and Care in Hypertension WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-3 GENECURE STREP Applied GENomic StratEgies for Treatment and Prevention of Cardiovascular death in Uraemia and End stage REnal Disease WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-4 SOUTH STREP Application-oriented studies on regulatory networks involved in lipid homeostasis and atherosclerosis WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-4 HDL-OMICS STREP Functional genomics of inborn errors and therapeutic interventions in high density lipoprotein metabolism WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-10 CVD-IMMUNE SME-STREP Immunomodulation and autoimmunity in cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-10 VASOPLUS SME-STREP Placental Growth Factor (PlGF): new diagnostic and therapeutic applications in cardiovascular disease WWW
LSH-2004-2.1.1-10 IMMUNATH SME-STREP Translating innate immune receptor function into diagnostic and therapeutic applications for atherosclerosis WWW