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FP6 rare diseases projects.

Priority 1 - Major Diseases

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
2002-2.1.1-4 Eumitocombat IP Rational treatment strategies combating mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) disorders WWW
2002-2.1.1-7 EUGINDAT STREP European genomics initiative on disorders of plasma membrane amino acid transporters WWW
2002-2.1.1-9 EuroWilson CA Wilson disease: creating a European clinical database and designing multicentre randomised controlled clinical trials WWW
2002-2.1.1-12 Orphanplatform SSA Platform of information services for the coordination of rare disease research with various stakeholders from research, SMEs and patient organisations and the coordination of early clinical trials WWW
2002-2.1.3-4 EUROSCA IP European integrated project on spinocerebellar ataxias (EUROSCA): Pathogenesis, genetics, animal models and therapy WWW
2002-2.1.3-7 X-ALD STREP X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD): pathogenesis, animal models and therapy NONE as yet
2002-2.1.3-7 NEUROKCN
STREP Cell biology of rare monogenic neurological disorders involving KCNQ channels WWW
2002-2.1.3-7 NCL-MODELS STREP Dissecting neuronal degeneration: Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses from genes to function WWW
2002-2.1.3-7 SPASTIC
STREP Genetic Models of Chronic Neuronal Degeneration Causing Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia WWW
2002-2.2.0-8 PROTHETS STREP Prognosis and Therapeutic Targets in the Ewing Family of Tumours WWW
2003-2.1.1-5 EURAPS STREP Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type I - a rare disorder of childhood as a model for autoimmunity WWW
2003-2.1.1-5 AUTOROME STREP From Immune Responses in Rare Autoimmune Diseases to novel Therapeutic Intervention Strategies-a personalized Medicine approach WWW
2003-2.1.1-4 PWS STREP Prader-Willi Syndrom: a model linking gene expression, obesity and mental health NONE as yet
2003-2.1.1-7 GENESKIN CA Rare genetic skin diseases: advancing diagnosis, management and awareness through a european network WWW
2003-2.1.1-8 EURO
CA Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation: a European network for the advancement of research, diagnosis and treatment of a growing group of rare disorders WWW
2004-2.1.1-3 PULMOTENSION IP Pulmonary Hypertension: Functional Genomics and Therapy of Lung Vascular Remodelling WWW
2004-2.1.1-9 PolyALA STREP Insights into novel therapeutic strategies for a nuclear inclusion disease caused by polyalanine expansion WWW
2004-2.1.1-9 EURO-Laminopathies STREP Nuclear Envelope-linked Rare Human Diseases: From Molecular Pathophysiology towards Clinical Applications WWW
2004-2.1.1-10 HUE-MAN STREP Towards the Development of an Effective Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Human Alpha-Mannosidosis WWW
2004-2.1.1-11 EuroCareCF CA European Coordination Action for Research in Cystic Fibrosis WWW
2004-2.2.0-1 CONTICANET NoE Connective Tissue Cancers Network to integrate European experience in adults and children WWW
2004-2.2.0-1 EuroBoNet NoE European network to promote research into uncommon cancers in adults and children: Pathology, Biology and Genetics of Bone Tumors WWW
2004-2.2.0-6 MMR-related cancer NoE Prevention, diagnosis and molecular characterisation of mismatch repair defect-related hereditary cancers of the digestive system WWW
2005-2.1.1-7 TREAT-NMD NoE Translational Research in Europe - Assessment and Treatment of Neuromuscular Diseases WWW
2005-2.1.1-8 EURAMY STREP Systemic Amyloidoses in Europe WWW
2005-2.1.1-9 EuroGrow STREP Pathophysiology of the cartilage growth plate WWW
2005-2.1.1-12 MYASTAID SME-STREP Development of models to improve management of Myasthenia Gravis: From basic knowledge to clinical application WWW
2005-2.1.3-7 RATstream SME-STREP European project on the characterisation of transgenic rat models for neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases: Automated home cage analyses, live imaging and treatment WWW
2005-2.1.3-8 TAMAHUD SME-STREP Identification of early disease markers, novel pharmacologically tractable targets and small molecule phenotypic modulators in Huntington's Disease NONE as yet


Priority 1 - Fundamental Genomics

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
2003-1.1.0-1 NEUPROCF STREP Development of new methodologies for low abundance proteomics : application to cystic fibrosis WWW
2003-1.1.5-2 PEROXISOMES IP Integrated project to decipher the biological function of peroxisomes in health and disease WWW
2003-1.1.5-5 DNA REPAIR IP DNA damage response and repair mechanisms WWW


Priority 1 - Biotechnology

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
2002-1.2.2-1 SAFE NoE Special non-invasive advances in foetal and neonatal evaluation network WWW
2003-1.2.2-1 EUROGENTEST NoE Genetic testing in Europe - Network for test development harmonization, validation and standardization of services WWW
2003-1.2.2-3 UBIGENES STREP Genetics of coenzyme Q deficiency in humans WWW
2003-1.2.2-3 Mitocircle STREP Mitochondrial diseases: From bedside to genome to bedside WWW
2003-1.2.4-2 CONSERT IP Concerted Safety & Efficiency Evaluation of Retroviral Transgenesis in Gene Therapy of Inherited Diseases WWW
2003-1.2.4-7 Improved
STREP Improved precision of nucleic acid based therapy of cystic fibrosis WWW
2003-1.2.4-8 SKINTHERAPY STREP Gene therapy for Epidermolysis Bullosa: a model system for treatment of inherited skin diseases NONE as yet
2003-1.2.4-8 THERAPEUSKIN STREP Ex vivo gene therapy for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa : pre-clinical and clinical studies NONE as yet
2004-1.2.1-3 EPISTEM IP Role of p63 and related pathways in epithelial stem cell proliferation and differentiation and in rare EEC-related syndromes WWW
2004-1.2.2-4 TSEUR STREP An integrated immunological and cellular strategy for sensitive TSE diagnosis and strain discrimination NONE as yet
2004-1.2.2-4 AntePrion STREP Development of a pre-clinical blood test for prion diseases WWW
2004-1.2.4-3 CLINIGENE NoE European Network for the Advancement of Clinical Gene Transfer and Therapy WWW
2004-1.2.4-4 SyntheGeneDelivery STREP Ex vivo gene delivery for stem cells of clinical interests using synthetic processes of cellular and nuclear import and targeted chromosomal integration NONE as yet
2004-1.2.4-4 INTHER STREP Development and application of transposons and site-specific integration technologies as non-viral gene delivery methods for ex vivo gene-based therapies NONE as yet
2004-1.2.4-4 magselectofection STREP Combined isolation and stable nonviral transfection of hematopoietic cells: a novel platform technology for ex vivo hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy WWW
2005-1.2.4-1 EuroSTEC IP Soft tissue engineering for congenital birth defects in children: new treatment modalities for spina bifida, urogenital and abdominal wall defects WWW
2005-1.2.4-5 STEM-HD STREP Embryonic stem cells for therapy and exploration of mechanisms in Huntington Disease WWW
2005-1.2.4-6 BACULOGENES STREP Baculovirus vectors for gene therapy WWW
2005-1.2.4-7 MYOAMP SME-STREP Amplification of human myogenic stem cells in clinical conditions NONE as yet
2005-1.2.5-3 znip STREP Therapeutic in vivo DNA repair by site-specific double-strand breaks NONE as yet


Priority 1 - Horizontal SSA actions across Priority 1

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
2003-3.6 ICORD SSA International Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs WWW
2003-3.1 ENRAH-SME SSA European Network for research on alternating hemiplegia in childhood for promoting SMEs integration WWW
2003-3.2 PID-net SSA A Chinese Network for Primary Immunodeficiency NONE as yet


Era-Net scheme

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
2002 E-Rare SSA ERA-Net for research programmes on rare diseases NONE as yet
2005 E-Rare CA ERA-Net for research programmes on rare diseases WWW


Research for Policy support (Priority 8)

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
POLICIES-2.2 EURO-POLICY-PID STREP Policy-oriented and harmonising research activities in the field of primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDs) NONE as yet


Science and society

Call Topic Acronym Instrument Title Website
call 19 CAPOIRA SSA CApacity-building for Patient Organisations to participate in Research Activities WWW