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Marie Curie Actions - Human resources and mobility

Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowships (OIF)

Call progress and status of proposals

  • Call: FP6-2005-Mobility-6 Closure date: 18 January 2006
Publication date: 20 July 2005
Deadline for submission for submission of proposals: 18 January 2006, 17h00
Acknowledgement of receipt: February 2006
Evaluation Results (First Step): April 2006
Evaluation Results (Second step): July 2006
Contract Negotiations: September 2006
First contracts to start: From October 2006


  • Call: FP6-2004-Mobility-6 Closure date: 19/01/2005
Closure date: 19 January 2005
Acknowledgement of receipt: February 2005
Evaluation Results (First Step): 27 May 2005
Evaluation Results (Second step): End of July 2005
Contract Negotiations: End of July 2005
First contracts to start: October 2005


Please read the 2003 introductory note before consulting the results.

Please read the 2004 introductory note before consulting the results