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EuroNanoForum 2009: Nanotechnology for Sustainable Economy

2-5 June, 2009, Prague, Czech Republic.

The EuroNanoForum 2009 international nanotechnology conference took place from 2nd to 5th June 2009 in the Prague Congress Centre, organized by the Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, as an event of the Czech Presidency and under the auspices of the Czech Ministry for Education Youth and Sports. It has been the fourth of a set of international nanotechnology conferences organized as official events of national Presidencies of the European Union and supported by the European Commission through the Industrial Technologies programme.

More than 800 delegates from industry and the scientific community, from all over the world, attended the four days of plenary and parallel sessions, while an accompanying exhibition featured academic centres, special interest groups and suppliers of materials and equipment.

EuroNanoForum 2009 reflected the state of the art in European nanotechnologies and nanosciences. It highlighted the latest advances in fundamental research, as well as developments relevant to a wide range of industrial and societal needs. As the title indicates, there was a particular focus on sustainability and the environment. ENF2009 has logically followed the successful ENF2007 by addressing the contribution and challenges of nanotechnology research for a sustainable development of European industry and society, such as the need for reduction in carbon emissions and fossil fuels dependence, the substantial increase in energy demand and material production sustainability and efficiency, pollution control, clean water management and sustainable quality of life of the European citizen. In this domain, nanotechnology presents many opportunities and challenges that have to be analyzed at international level through a safe, responsible and integrated approach, as first presented by the ENF2003 conference. By addressing the state-of-the art of key application areas of nanotechnolgy research and development, the Forum has created a unique opportunity for researchers and industrial experts coming from diverse fields of science and technology to meet, discuss and co-operate, to contribute to the definition of a European nanotechnology strategy after 2009.

Conference website
On the conference web site you will find the link to the proceedings of the 3 previous conferences.

EuroNanoForum 2007: Nanotechnology in Industrial Applications

The EuroNanoForum 2007 conference and exhibition on 'Nanotechnology in Industrial Applications' has been organised by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany and the European Commission in the framework of the German Presidency of the EU.

The event has been established as the foremost European congress for the transfer of nanotechnology from research to industrial processes, products and applications and it was held at Congress Center Düsseldorf from 19 to 21 June 2007. The conference has been accompanied by a special industrial exhibition presenting European key players in nanotechnology and has involved also a comprehensive press programme for journalists of the major European media agencies.

The Proceedings are available. They provide an overview of the state-of-the-art in nanotechnology for industrial applications, presented by selected international top speakers to open up new perspectives in Europe for coming years.'

Conference website

News articles related to the EuroNanoForum 2007:

Proceedings (5 MB)

EuroNanoForum 2005: Nanotechnology and the Health of the EU Citizen in 2020

The EuroNanoForum 2005 conference took place in Edinburgh from 5th to 9th September 2005.
This conference was cofunded by the European Commission and dedicated to nanomedicine, including:

  • Advanced medical technologies that have applications in defence, textiles, ICT and many other industries.
  • Applications for the developing world and the ageing population.
  • Indicators of new business opportunities and threats.
  • A debate into ethics and toxicology issues surrounding nanotechnology.
  • A social programme for networking opportunities.

The European Technology Platform NanoMedicine: Nanotechnology for Health was launched during EuroNanoForum 2005 by the presentation of the NanoMedicine Vision Paper on 6th September 2005.

Conference website

News articles related to the EuroNanoForum 2005:

Proceedings (5 MB) -
The proceedings are also available as a dedicated website from the conference website at
On the main conference web site you will find the link to the proceedings of the two previous events, EuroNanoForum2005 and EuroNanoForum2003.
The proceedings are also available on CD-ROM. The CD includes the abstracts as PDF-files and can be used with any computer with a web browser.
If you would like to order the proceedings book or CD Rom, please contact Mrs Margot Condon

EuroNanoForum 2003 attracts the interest of the young and the professional

EuroNanoForum 2003 counted 1000 participants from all 5 continents. Moreover, 1000 young students participated in the nanotech-young initiative which featured an exhibition and workshops especially tailored for the young. Seven ancillary workshops were organised (on subjects ranging from financing of high-tech SMEs working in the area of nanotechnology to tribology, etc.) including several events dedicated to fostering contact with INCO Countries as well as encouraging their participation in FP6. Almost 50 journalists participated in 6 dedicated press events.

The articulated and integrated approach to nanotechnology proposed at the event was very well received. Participants had various backgrounds and interests (they included researchers, students, politicians, sociologists, journalists, investors, toxicologists, ?) They had the opportunity of presenting, listening and discussing their core business as well as discussing other aspects of their own and others' activities. Research, science and technology, as well as their applications and implications were all dealt with during the event.

News articles related to the EuroNanoForum 2003:

Proceedings (5 MB)

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