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Past Highlights

Proceeding of the 'Workshop on research on the safety of nanomaterials: reviewing the knowledge gaps' .
Brussels on 17-18 April 2008

FP7 gives substantial support to nanotechnology during its first year of implementation (2007)
Press release March 2008


Report on the Third International Dialogue on Responsible Research and Development of Nanotechnology
This report was held in Brussels on 11-12 March 2008 and gathered 97 participants representing 49 countries as well as international organisations, multinational bodies, industries and universities.


EU nanotechnology R&D; in the field of health and environmental impact of nanoparticles
An overview of projects under this field - January 2008


Debate on governance initiatives for the European nanotechnology community in the public and private sectors

Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committe.
Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: An action plan for Europe 2005-2009. First Implementation Report 2005-2007

New call for proposals on safety of nanotechnologies within the pilot project on transatlantic methods for handling global challenges

Commission launches consultation on responsible research in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies
This consultation launched on 18/07/2007 will provide input for a Recommendation to the Member States on a possible Code of Conduct for this emerging area of science, which the Commission will put forward later this year.


EuroNanoForum 2007 (19-21 June, Düsseldorf, Germany): The Proceedings are available .
They provide an overview of the state-of-the-art in nanotechnology for industrial applications, presented by selected international top speakers to open up new perspectives in Europe for coming years

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) has launched a public consultation on the SCCP preliminary report on the safety of nanomaterials in cosmetic products .
The consultation will run until 6 September 2007

The Commission has launched a call for tenders for 'Project Technical Assistants' (PTA) for the Theme "Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies (NMP)".
To request the tendering documents, please contact us - or go to the web page .

The brochure:"Nanotechnology: Innovation for tomorrow's world" is now available in Greek

Nanotechnology Research Grants Investigating Fate, Transport, Transformation, and Exposure of Engineered Nanomaterials: A Joint Research Solicitation - EPA, NSF, & DOE
Funding opportunity to encourage U.S. researchers to collaborate with European researchers

Environmentally Beneficial Nanotechnology - Barriers and Opportunities
The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ( DEFRA ) has published via Oakdene Hollins Ltd this study in May 2007 in order to determine the potential environmental benefits that could be achieved by using nanotechnology.

Open Consultation on the Strategy on communication outreach in nanotechnology
This paper results from a workshop held by the European Commission it Brussels, February 6th 2007. It shapes operative recommendations for future European funding on appropriate communication and innovative approaches to engage the European civil society into a dialogue on nanotechnology.

Proceedings of the Workshop on Nanotechnology and Life Cycle Assessment

EuroNanoForum 2007: Nanotechnology in Industrial Applications
This conference in the frame of the German EU presidency takes place from 19-21 June 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany

IPR in nanotechnology workshop: Proceedings have been published
This international workshop, jointly organised by the European Patent Office and the European Commission, took place in Brussels on 16 April 2007.

Nanoforum survey - identifying Skills and Training Needs in Industry
A questionnaire aiming to inform institutions to be better focused on industry's needs.

The appropriateness of risk assessment methodologies to assess the potential risks associated with engineered and adventitious products of nanotechnologies
Public consultation on SCENIHR Opinion. Deadline is 23 May 2007

The brochure:"Nanotechnology: Innovation for tomorrow's world" is now available in Finnish, Polish and Danish

The European Technology Platform for Industrial Safety (ETPIS) organises a brokerage event for nanosafety
This event will take place on 23 March 2007 in Brussels

Nanomedicine: Opinion of European Group of Ethics and Strategic Research Agenda published
Two important documents on the future of nanomedicine, 24 January 2007

First IP NANOKER patent application filed

REACH: Commission welcomes European Parliament vote on new EU chemicals legislation
European Commission Press Release, 13 December 2006

Results of the informal collection of inputs for nanotechnology R&D; in the field of (eco)toxicology
The data gathered with this open consultation provide information valuable to set priorities for research on health and safety aspects of nanotechnology, 15 June 2006

NanoforumEULA for EU-Latin American nanotechnology R&D; collaborations
Press release of the NanoforumEULA project, 5 December 2006

The call for experts for the FP7 will be launched soon
Registration of Experts for Research Activities in the EC's Expert database EMM is now possible, 4 December 2006

Request for a scientific opinion on the Safety of Nanomaterials in Cosmetic Products
The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products ( SCCP ) invites to submit papers, data and other relevant information by 15 December 2006

Nanologue project presents results on ethical, legal and social aspects of nanotechnology
The European project Nanologue presents the NanoMeter tool for nanoscientists, three scenarios about the future of nanotechnology and recommendations to the European Commission, October 2006

Launch of UK Voluntary Reporting Scheme for Engineered Nanoscale Materials
The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ( DEFRA ) published this scheme in September 2006 in order to gather information related to health and environmental safety of nanosized chemicals

Results of the informal collection of inputs for nanotechnology R&D; in the field of (eco)toxicology
The data gathered with this open consultation provide information valuable to set priorities for research on health and safety aspects of nanotechnology.

International Advanced Course. Strategic Communication & Applied Ethics in Nanobiotechnology
The course is organised by the NanoBioRaise project and will be held on 11-16 March 2007.

Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) opinion on:
The appropriateness of existing methodologies to assess the potential risks associated with engineered and adventitious products of nanotechnologies

European Forum on Nanosciences
This forum, targeted to the scientific, political, as well as civil, industrial and educational societies plus media aims to explore the wide range of new possibilities, underlining the international and interdisciplinary character of this field. Registration is now open.

Nanotechnology in the EU exhibition area at the ESOF2006 conference
European policies and projects are presented at the Euroscience Open Forum 2006 in Munich, 15-19 July 2006

A Scientist's Survival Kit (2 Mb)
A handbook to help scientists make themselves understood by non-scientists, journalists and the general public.

The brochure "Nanotechnology: Innovation for tomorrow's world" is now available in arabic
The brochure explains nanotechnology to a wide readership

European institutions switch to .eu domain
New domain name for our Nanotechnology Homepage of the European Commission
The European institutions have officially migrated their web pages and e-mail addresses from the present suffix to .eu.

Nano and the Environment: Report of the Brussels workshop (30/31 March 2006) published
Everybody is invited to provide comments and input to the report via the Nanoforum website until end of May 2006. The report will contribute to the definition of the Commission's research activities in the field of nano and the environment. May 2006

The Proceedings of EuroNanoForum 2005: Nanotechnology and the Health of the EU Citizen in 2020 are now available

Exploring the nano-world - Leading EU research in nanosciences and nanotechnologies (1,7 MB)
March 2006 The Supplement features project news and updates recently published on CORDIS and on the Industrial Technologies website.

COST publishes call for proposals to support scientific and technical collaboration in Europe
COST invites researchers to submit first stage proposals by 31 May 2006, April 2006

Consultation on a proposed voluntary reporting scheme for engineered nanoscale materials.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in the UK collects feedback until 23 June 2006

Call for participation of partners from Targeted Third Countries in NMP projects has been launched
This specific call for proposals aims at certain NMP projects for which contracts are already signed or under negotiation. It has been published on the 15th of February 2006.

The Technology Platform for Nanomedicine calls for expressions of interest for possible participation .
Applications can be submitted via email. January 2006

The Brochure 'Nanotechnology - Innovation for tomorrow's world' is now available in Slovenian and Russian translation .
The brochure explains what nanotechnology is about, European Commission, January 2006

The European Commission published funding data in nanotechnology
The European Commission staff working paper includes figures on public and pivate funding of nanotechnology research in Europe and worldwide, 16th December 2005

The European Commission collects input on nano(eco)toxicology .
Ideas on research activities, databases, poles of excellence can be submitted via email until 28th February 2006

The Brochure 'Nanotechnology - Innovation for tomorrow's world' is now available in Swedish and Chinese translation .
The brochure explains what nanotechnology is about, European Commission, January 2006

NanoForum publishes report on 'Funding and Support for International Nanotechnology Collaborations'
This 7th Nanoforum report presents nanotechnology funding opportunities outside the EU, 14th November 2005

The European Technology Platform Nanoelectronics published its Strategic Research Agenda
The document was published by the European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council in November 2005

The European Technology Platform Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) has published its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
Nanomaterials are highlighted within the New Materials section, 22nd November 2005

Forum session 'talking nano' wins prize for 'Best Forum session' at CER2005
The prize was awarded to the forum session on communicating nanotechnology, which presented main results from the EU funded projects Nano Dialogue, Nanologue and NanoBioRAISE at the CER2005 , 15th November 2005

Nanotechnology page on CORDIS migrates to the new '.eu' address
CORDIS joins the EUROPA family of websites in the new top level domain name '.eu' .

NanoFIB: from research to application - a European "nanoscalpel"
The the LPN (Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures) of CNRS held a press conference on 27th October on the European financed NanoFIB project. By licencing the production of the NanoFIB tool to the German company Raith GmbH, it moves from research to nanofabrication.

Commission publishes proposals for FP7 Specific Programmes
Published on CORDIS News, 22nd September 2005

The Commission launches a public consultation on how to assess the potential risks of nanotechnologies
The consultation is carried out by the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks , closing date: 16th December 2005

Nanologue project published first results
A mapping study and a background paper provide first results on ethical, legal and social aspects of nanotechnology, October 2005

The European Technology Platform on NanoMedicine has been launched
The NanoMedicine Vision Paper has been presented at the EuroNanoForum 2005 Conference in Edinburgh, 6th September 2005

The European Patent Office invites to the epoline® User Day
The User Day for epoline® products takes place in Brussels on 27th September 2005

International dialogue exploratory meeting: Chairman's conclusions
Chairman's conclusions of the meeting held on 14-15 July in Brussels

The nanotechnology Action Plan is published
It defines concrete measures implementing the European strategy for nanotechnology, 7th June 2005

A set of leaflets is published explaining different areas of EU nanotechnology research
Read more about nanotechnology fundamentals, materials, human resources and societal issues, June 2005

Research training in nanosciences and nanotechnologies: Current status and future needs
The proceedings and presentations of the EC Workshop, held in Brussels on 14th-15th April 2005, are now available, May 2005

The fifth call for proposals under the 'information society technologies' priority is published
It includes, amongst others, micro/nano based sub-systems. Call deadline: 21st September 2005.

European Latzis Prize 2005 for Nano-Engineering
The European Science Foundation invites nominations, this year in the field Nano-Engineering. Deadline: 30th June 2005

The nanoTruck comes to Brussels
Commissioner Janez Potocnik visits the nanoTruck in Parc Cinquantennaire/Jubelpark, 15th June 2005

EU and China reinforce research links with joint declaration
This declaration aims at stimulating and developing common initiatives in nanotechnologies, amongst others, 13th May 2005

The Commission's proposal of the Seventh Framework Programme defines nanotechnology as one of the research priorities
According to this proposal, the budget for nanotechnology would increase significantly, April 2005

Erasmus Mundus Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Deadline for submission of applications for students is 1st June 2005

The nanotechnology brochure is now available in five further languages
The brochure "Nanotechnology: Innovation for tomorow's world" can be downloaded as pdf file in French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese language, March 2005

Research Needs on Nanoparticles
Proceedings of the Workshop held in Brussels on 25-26 January

New NMP calls for proposals for 2005 are published
The 4th calls for proposals for new and traditional instruments in the NMP priority are published, 8th December 2004.

EU nanotechnology research: Exploring the fundamentals
European Commission leaflet with a project showcase on nanotechnology fundamentals, February 2005

The European Economic and Social Committee adopted a positive opinion on the Commission's Communication on nanotechnology
The Single Market, Production and Consumption section of the EESC adopted its opinion on the Commission's Communication on 10th November 2004

CANAPE - A new Integrated Project to investigate carbon nanotubes and to exploit their unique properties
The EU funded Integrated Project CANAPE paves the way towards expanding the production of carbon nanotubes to industrial scale and developing their most promising technological applications

NACBO - New materials for biomedicine, research and related industries
The EU funded Integrated Project NACBO addresses the development of new materials able to separate and identify molecules of biological importance which are either composite nanoparticles or flat surfaces either porous or non-porous

Films on nanotechnology are online and downloadable
The Commission documentary films "Nanotechnology" and "Nano: the next dimension" can be obtained from the EUROPA websites

Luxembourg EU Presidency outlines its research and innovation priorities
Nanotechnology will be among its priorities when Luxembourg chairs the Competitiveness Council meeting in April 2005

Results of the open consultation on the nanotechnology Communication
Report from the Nanoforum online survey on the European Strategy for Nanotechnology is published on 17th December 2004.

The Proceedings of EuroNanoForum 2003 are now available
The EuroNanoForum 2003 took place 9 to 12 December 2003 in Trieste, Italy

NANOQUANTA - A new network of excellence to study the electronic properties of new materials
The EU-funded project NANOQUANTA aims to study the electronic and spectroscopic properties of nanostructures through computer simulations.

Revamped CORDIS service on nanotechnology reflects huge importance of the very small
Relaunch of the Nanotechnology website announced on CORDIS News on 29th November 2004

NMP workprogramme for 2005 is published
The new workprogramme for Nanotechnologies, Materials and Productions Processes (NMP) can be downloaded from the NMP homepage

EU Council endorses European strategy for nanotechnology
The Council of the European Union endorses the Commission's Communication on the European strategy for nanotechnology, 24th September 2004

CORDIS publishes new 'NMP' project profiles
Click here to search for the new 'NMP' project profiles.

An international dialogue on responsible research and development of nanotechnology has started

Scientific co-operation agreement with the US on nanotechnology
The Scientific co-operation between the United States and the European Union will be extended for another five years and will include nanotechnology, 13th October 2004

Second joint call between the IST and NMP priorities is published
Joint call between thematic priorities 2 and 3 is published on 15th June 2004. Closing date (deadline extended): 19th October 2004

Commission launches wide consultation on nanotechnology .
Survey on the European strategy for nanotechnology. Launched on 30 July 2004. Deadline for submission of responses: 30th September 2004.

The European Commission's documentary film Nano: the next dimension has won the "Grand Prix du Jury" at the "Festival du Film Scientifique d'Orsay", 30 March to 2 April 2004

Towards a European strategy for nanotechnology
Commission Communication, adopted and published on 12th May 2004. Now also available in the 9 new official languages of the EU.

Conference: Converging Technologies for a Diverse Europe .
Conference on the convergence of Nano-, Bio-, Info- and Cogno-technologies, organised by the European Commission, DG Research, 14-15 September 2004, Brussels, Belgium

Benefits, Risks, Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Nanotechnology
4th Nanoforum report, published on , June 2004. Click on publications and download it chapter-by-chapter in pdf format (after you have registered for free).

CellPROM - Cell Programming by Nanoscaled Devices
The EU-funded CellPROM research project will develop a new treatment of adult stem cells designed to fight diseases

International Symposium on Nanotechnology and Patenting
The Hague, The Netherlands, 09 - 10 November 2004.

Nanotechnology: Innovation for tomorrow's world
Brochure of the European Commission to illustrate to the public what nanotechnology is, May 2004

NAIMO - Nanoscale Integrated Processing of Self-organising Multifunctional Organic Materials
EU nanotechnology project on smart materials with designed multifunctionalities

Cornea Engineering
EU nanotechnology project to reconstruct human corneas using tissue engineering

NaPa - Emerging Nanopatterning Methods
EU nanotechnology project to integrate top down and bottom-up fabrication approaches by extending the miniaturisation route and by strengthening the approach towards self-assembly

NanoTruck visits Brussels on 17th/18th May 2004.
NanoTruck is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research and presents existing nanotechnology applications and explains their technological backgrounds - in four languages EN, FR, NL and DE. Everybody is invited to come and to find out what nanotechnology is about. Place: Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark, in front of the AutoWorld museum. The truck can be visited on Monday, 17th May from 10 – 18h and on Tuesday, 18th May from 9 – 18h

EuroNanoForum2003 , Draft conclusions of the European and international Forum which took place in Trieste (Italy) from 9 to 12 December 2003.

"Nanotechnology", a 26' film (DVD format in 11 languages) on nanotechnology for young people is now available.

Young European Scientists' Award 2003: EU's top teenagers excel in nanotechnology, plasma physics and biotechnology

ESF opportunities for young scientists

"Nanotechnology in the Candidate Countries"

Supporting responsible nanotechnology research will benefit Europe's citizens, says head of unit

Nanoforum: European Nanotechnology Gateway

Call for experts for the 6th framework programme

Nanotechnology: opportunity or threat?

Third European Report on Science & Technology Indicators 2003

Press Room:
Documentary Film: Putting nano in the Picture

Pressroom: new projects showcase downloadable in PDF

National funding for Switzerland

Nanotechnology explained to the young public

Nanotechnology in the 6th Framework Programme
Tools and Instruments for Research and Manufacturing 4th Joint EC - NSF Workshop in Grenoble

Press Room:
Media briefing 7 October 2002 in Denmark
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