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Information about projects

This section gives you a list of nanotechnology projects funded by the EU with links to news articles, success stories and project descriptions. For information on further nanotechnology projects, please have a look at the section on EU funded nanotechnology projects .

1. Understanding phenomena, mastering processes and developing research tools

Asprint, BigDFT, BMR, Combicat, Comephs, Dynasync, Ferrocarbon, Frontiers, Nano3D, Nanoam, Nanocaps, Nanochemsens, Nanofire, NanoQuanta, Nanospin, Nas-sap, Proform, Sa-nano, Sandie, Seminano, SingleMotor-Flin, SPP, Ultra-1D

2. Nanobiotechnologies

Active Biomics, Amna, Bioscope, Biophot, Cellforce, Cidna, Hy3M, Margenes, MolSwitch, MonaLisa, Nabis, Nacbo, Nano2Life, Nanobiomaps, Nanocues, Optonanogen, Receptronics, Snip2Chip

3. Nano-metre-scale engineering

Biomach, Desygn-it, Gsomen, Nanocmos, Nanomesh, Nanotemplates, Napa, Nucan, Souvenir, Spang, VisionOnline

4. Handling and control devices and instruments

Atom3D, Chiraltem, Forcetool, Ina, Molnanomag, Naimo, Nanobeams, Nanocase, Nano-Fib, Nanogas, Nanoman, Nanomat, Nanorac, Parnass, Robosem, Spotlite, Tasnano, X-Tip

5. Applications

Adonis, Ambio, Biodiagnostics, Bioker, Biomagsens, Canape, Carben, Cardecom, Care-man, CellProm, Chemag, CorneaEngineering, Ganano, Gensensor-nanoparts, Hidemar, Intellidrug, IP Nanoker, Nanoimprint, Nanojoining, Nanomag, Nanomat, NanoS4, Nanostar, Neon, Optical Nose, Optolab Card, Pecticoat, Plasmaleather, Pronacom, Psy-nano-si, Safer, Solplas, Tamirut, Tatlys

6. Emerging needs

1) Safety Aspects :
Impart, NanoDerm, NanoPathology, Nanosafe, Nanosafe2, Nanotox, Nanotransport, Particle Risk, Polysoa

2) Socio-economic and political aspects :
Atbest, Crea, Decide, NanoBio-Raise, Nano-Dialogue, Nanoforum, Nanologue, Nanoroadmap, NanoroadSME, Nano-Strand, Path, WomenInNano

3) International Cooperation :
EuroIndianet, NanoForumEULA

Coordination of Research activities (ERA-NETs) and European Technology Platforms (ETPs)

1) ERA-NETs :
ERA Chemistry, ERA NET Materials (Matera), Micro and Nanotechnologies (MNT ERA-NET), ERA-NET Nanoscience

2) ETPs :
Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies (EUMAT), Construction Technologies (ECTP), Future Manufacturing Technologies (Manufuture), Future of Textiles and Clothing (Euratex), Industrial Safety (ETPIS), Innovative Medicine, Nanotechnology for Medical Applications (Nanomedicine), Nanoelectronics (ENIAC), Sustainable Chemistry (Suschem),

8. Miscellaneous

FP5 projects showcases (Project summaries, a downloadable version of the publication in PDF and relevant pictures of selected projects): Funcars, Nanothermel, Vision online, Hit, Plasmacarb, Plastronix, PolymerMicroSensorFab, Count, Magnitude, Nano-Fib, Nanomag, Robosem (Last update: January 2003)

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