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News from first evaluation

More than 180 proposals were received before the first closure date (14 May 2003), representing a very wide range of scientific areas, and a wide distribution of partnerships across the EU, Associated Candidate Countries and Associated States. 25 outline STREP proposals, passing all thresholds, have been retained for the second stage, and these proposers have been asked to prepare full proposals by 24 September. 3 SSA proposals have been retained for possible funding.

The evaluation Panel made a number of observations on the set of proposals received. These provide useful advice to future applicants on the preparation of proposals:

  • NEST proposals should "lie outside or cut across the thematic priorities", to avoid being classed as out of scope. Several high quality proposals were rejected because they dealt with topics that are within the scope of the thematic priorities.
  • NEST is not a catch-all for anything that falls outside the thematic priorities - projects must also satisfy the specific NEST criteria for INSIGHT or ADVENTURE.
  • Many proposers are not sufficiently aware of the basic principles behind ADVENTURE and INSIGHT projects. In particular, there is a poor understanding of INSIGHT projects, which need to respond to "new discoveries or newly-observed phenomena" that pose potential risks. ADVENTURE and INSIGHT are not interchangeable categories; a project must be designed carefully for one or the other, but not both.
  • Proposals for Support Actions must be directed towards one or more of the objectives specified in the work programme. Support Actions must aim to help the Commission implement the NEST activity.

And, on the positive side:

  • Innovations in social sciences and economics are valid for NEST; proposals are welcome in these areas, as long as they conform to the project requirements set out in the reference documents.
  • Proposals on mathematics are also welcome, but they must address the development of new techniques, coupled with the development of knowledge in other scientific and technological spheres, rather than the achievement of mathematical results alone.

Further important advice:

  • Please read the reference documents very carefully; to make a successful proposal it is imperative that you understand precisely the project requirements. ADVENTURE, INSIGHT and Support Actions have DIFFERENT requirements

  • Please submit your proposal ELECTRONICALLY, using the EPSS - the Electronic Proposal Submission System, available via Cordis

  • You should specify only ONE of the NEST activity codes for your proposal - either ADVENTURE, INSIGHT or Support Action. As indicated above, these are NOT interchangeable.
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