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9-10 July 2007 "NEST Promise" Final Brokerage & Dissemination Event , Tuscany Region, Brussels (Belgium)
March 2007 NEST-funded projects 2005-2006 - ADVENTURE, INSIGHT, PATHFINDER: Latest fact sheets available here .
January 2006 NEST info day & brokerage event : All presentations, project ideas and partner searches are now available .
November 2005 Proposal Submission : Please make use of the Pre-Proposal Check Service .
November 2005 PATHFINDER initiatives 2005/2006 : NEST calls for project proposals in five distinct fields: " Tackling Complexity in Science ", " Synthetic Biology ", " Measuring the Impossible ", " Cultural Dynamics: from transmission and change to innovation ", " What it means to be human ". For more information, please consult the corresponding reference documents .
November 2005 NEST publishes High-Level Expert Group Reports on : Synthetic Biology ? Applying Engineering to Biology , What it means to be Human and New and Emerging Themes on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
November 2005 New NEST call : On October 27, 2005 the new NEST call for proposals with February 15, 2006 as closing date has been published. This call is open only for dedicated projects in one of the five PATHFINDER initiatives 2005/2006. For more information, please consult the NEST work programme 2005/2006 ( now available ).
27 October 2005 Call for Proposals: FP6-2005-NEST-Path launched.
20-21 September 2005 NEST conference : " Creating new Opportunities through European Research at the Frontier ": In the run-up to Framework Programme Seven (FP7), the European Commission holded a 2-day-conference to debate the strategies and funding mechanisms needed to stimulate scientific breakthroughs beyond the frontiers of knowledge and across established disciplines in science and technology.
May - July 2005 Next NEST call : Experts discuss Transmission of Culture as possible new topic for the next NEST PATHFINDER call planned for mid-October 2005.
March 2005 New NEST projects : Facts Sheets on PATHFINDER projects covering "Tackling Complexity in Science", "Synthetic Biology", and "What it measn to be human.
January 2005 NEST Partner Brokerage Event and InfoDay: Brussels on January 14, 2005 .
10 December 2004 Topics for future PATHFINDER initiatives: Please send your suggestions via the re-opened NEST Ideas Inbox
10 December 2004 New NEST call published
28 May 2004 PATHFINDER:
Experts discuss "Measuring the Impossible"
29 April 2004 PATHFINDER:
Experts discuss new topics for next call
11 February 2004 NEST creativity:
first crop of EU visionary research projects
17 December 2003 Call [FP6-2003-NEST-B-4]
17 December 2003 Call [FP6-2003-NEST-B-3]
14 May 2003 How to prepare a proposal:
feedback from first NEST evaluation
March 2003 Pathfinder:
Ideas Inbox open now
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