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New mobile format puts CORDIS News in the palm of your hand

[Date: 2011-09-08]

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A new layout for mobile computing is being launched by CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service. Whether in the middle of a commute, attending a conference abroad or enjoying a coffee outdoors, CORDIS users will be able to stay up on the latest news and information on EU-funded science and technology.

The mobile format is suitable for hand-held internet devices and can be accessed either automatically or manually. For the former, the CORDIS News homepage should automatically reconfigure when accessed from a smaller screen. It is also possible to manually switch to the mobile version through a link in the page footer.

The design of the new layout specifically takes into account two significant changes brought by the rise of mobile computing

First, the demand for mobility has reversed earlier moves towards larger screens with ever higher definitions. Significantly, this means that there is not a lot of extra space on the screen for non-essential elements

Second, users wishing to browse the internet where and when they want can choose from tablet devices, notebooks, and smartphones. This wide variety of options, though, means that there are a significant number of different standards and programming applications being used by the marketplace.

To meet these challenges, the new layout was structured to remove the problems that many hand-held internet access devices have with features that are programmed for desktops. Users will see a format which has been specifically made for the small screen. It also works across a variety of platforms without the need for plug-ins or application downloads.

Mobile computing is making the shift from promising innovation to an accepted part of the technology mainstream often with the support of EU-funded projects featured on CORDIS. Their variety, ranging from WEARIT@WORK, a project on wearable computers and devices in the workplace, to MOSQUITO, which researched secure business applications for mobile workers in ubiquitous environments, and MOBILIFE, an initiative focused on bringing advances in mobile applications and services to everyday users, shows the many-faceted nature of the field.

To see the new mobile service, please visit the CORDIS News page at

WEARIT@WORK ('Empowering the mobile worker by wearable computing')

MOSQUITO ('Mobile workers' secure business applications in ubiquitous environments')

MOBILIFE ('Mobile life')

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