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Workshop on How to access European Commission grants in Belgium, Brussels
Anfangsdatum: 2011-10-24, Enddatum: 2011-10-25
Who should attend? Understanding how it works and how to fulfill all criteria + optimising the chances of success For all projects leaders, persons in charge of developing its organisation from public, private and non-profit sector.
Programme: JRC-ENDWEL C
Record Number: 127888
Last updated on: 2011-09-06
Petit déjeuner d'affaires sur les subventions européennes
Anfangsdatum: 2008-06-20, Enddatum: 2008-06-20
Nous vous invitons à un petit-déjeuner le vendredi 20 juin 2008 de 8h30 à 10h30 à Paris Thème : Comment faire financer vos projets avec les subventions européennes?
Programme: FP1-BAP
Record Number: 117428
Last updated on: 2008-05-26
Minutes of the 10-14 December 1990 sittings of the European Parliament, made available with the April 1991 distribution of OJ No C 19, contain amendments to Commission proposals for: Decisions adopting RTD programmes in the fields of life sciences and technologies for developi...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 298
Last updated on: 1991-04-30
The Commission's proposal for a Council Regulation establishing a financial instrument for the environment (LIFE) (COM(91) 28) was approved by the European Parliament on 13 September 1991 with numerous amendments. The stated objectives of LIFE are: To strengthen and increase t...
Programme: ENV-ACE 1
Record Number: 636
Last updated on: 1991-12-17
The Council has reached agreement on the Commission's amended proposal (COM (91) 35, of 6.2.1991) for a Council Regulation on action by the Community relating to nature conservation (ACNAT). The Council will adopt the Regulation in the near future, once the definitive text has...
Programme: ENV-ACNAT
Record Number: 381
Last updated on: 1991-07-02
Council Regulation (EEC) No 3907/91 of 19 December 1991 on action by the Community relating to nature conservation (ACNAT) provides for the granting of Community support for projects contributing to the maintenance or re-establishment of biotopes which are the habitat of endan...
Programme: ENV-ACNAT
Record Number: 712
Last updated on: 1992-01-31
By COM (91) 35, the proposal for a Council Regulation (OJ No L 38 of 10.2.82) on action by the Community relating to nature conservation (ACNAT) is amended, inter alia to include references to: The financial instrument for the environment (LIFE); the declaration of the 1990 Du...
Programme: ENV-ACNAT
Record Number: 230
Last updated on: 1991-03-07
On 21 May 1990 the Commission of the European Communities submitted a proposal for a Council Regulation on action by the Community relating to nature conservation (ACNAT) (COM(90) 125). The Community proposes to grant financial support for projects providing an incentive towar...
Programme: ENV-ACNAT
Record Number: 41
Last updated on: 1990-06-13
A financial instrument for the environment (LIFE) has been established by Council Regulation (EEC) No 1973/92 of 21 May 1992. The total budget deemed necessary for the period 1991 to 1995 is ECU 400 million and, of that, 140 million for the period 1991-1992. The general objec...
Programme: ENV-ACNAT
Record Number: 1053
Last updated on: 1992-08-03
Meeting on the 18 and 19 March 1991, the Council of the European Communities considered matters relating to the environment, inter alia holding a preliminary exchange of views on a Commission proposal for a Council Regulation (COM(91) 28) establishing a financial instrument fo...
Programme: ENV-ACNAT
Record Number: 313
Last updated on: 1991-05-07
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