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Euro Info Centres have opened in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Austria, as well as in the former territory of the DDR. The new centres in these areas are named "Correspondence Centres". Extending the chain of some 210 units already established within the Member States of the Euro...
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 741
Last updated on: 1992-02-19
Date de début: 1992-10-14, Date de fin: 1992-10-14
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 1135
Last updated on: 1992-10-13
Date de début: 1992-11-27, Date de fin: 1992-11-27
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 939
Last updated on: 1992-05-25
Workshop on How to access European Commission grants in Belgium, Brussels
Date de début: 2011-10-24, Date de fin: 2011-10-25
Who should attend? Understanding how it works and how to fulfill all criteria + optimising the chances of success For all projects leaders, persons in charge of developing its organisation from public, private and non-profit sector.
Programme: JRC-ENDWEL C
Record Number: 127888
Last updated on: 2011-09-06
Date de début: 1992-11-23, Date de fin: 1992-11-23
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 1180
Last updated on: 1992-11-16
Date de début: 1992-07-06, Date de fin: 1992-07-06
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 985
Last updated on: 1992-06-26
CORDIS is pleased to announce the launching, on 25 November 1991, of an important new database: ******* RTD-NEWS ******* The launching of the CORDIS database coincides with the opening of the ESPRIT '91 Conference and Exhibition. The database will be demonstrated during thi...
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 612
Last updated on: 1991-11-20
A set of practical guidelines aids the specific RTD programmes and other related Community programmes to gain maximum benefit from the dissemination process. "Guidelines for publication of the results of RTD and related programmes" explains publication and promotional service...
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 850
Last updated on: 1992-04-03
On the basis of information gathered by the RTD-Publications database of CORDIS, catalogues are now being produced listing publications resulting from Community programmes in particular research areas. Sectoral catalogues already available include: - Information technology an...
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 1160
Last updated on: 1992-11-02
Programme: FP2-VALUE 1
Record Number: 310
Last updated on: 1991-05-06
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