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Nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices (NMP)

Mapping of National RTD Activities related to NMP

What is "Mapping of National RTD Activities" ?
Mapping of National RTD Activities is a dynamic database and information source on research programmes which relate to the NMP Priority and are funded nationally within the individual states. The database and search facility are provided and maintained by the EC in co-operation with the member states.

Under the GROWTH Programme, DG RTD Directorate G (Industrial Technologies) undertook an initial survey of national programmes. During a subsequent series of workshops, representatives from member states agreed to maintain the information on-line via a centrally co-ordinated EC website. Who should be interested?
Potential users of this database will include:

  • policy makers and strategists looking for a global view of publicly funded research activities;
  • funding authorities designing new programmes with a measure of compatibility with relevant RTD activities elsewhere in Europe;
  • researchers seeking funding possibilities for their work;
  • organisations trying to optimise the options for funding their research;
  • co-ordinators and consortia investigating existing research in a particular field;
  • network organisers looking for appropriate members;
  • conference communicators endeavouring to maximise their coverage.
The key aims in presenting this database are:
  • to improve EU awareness of national research programmes which relate to the NMP Priority;
  • to help define and implement national and European funded programmes more coherently;
  • to support the European Research Area.

This database provides a one-stop-shop for information on all relevant national research programmes. It has been developed through a series of workshops which encourage participation in the EU-wide promotion and awareness of those national activities.

Outcomes and future steps:

  • Direct internet access to the database is currently available here.
  • Information on their national programmes has been entered and validated by participating states.
  • The database will be regularly updated and improved. It will be expanded to include the new member states.
Information available via this website:
For each of the national programmes entered in the database, you can find the following information:
  • the country funding the programme;
  • the technology field of the programme (nanotechnologies, materials or production);
  • the title and acronym of the programme;
  • a brief description of the programme;
  • the type of programme and its status;
  • the dates and duration of the programme period;
  • the amount of funding budgeted for the programme;
  • links to the website for the programme;
  • contact details.

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