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An Introduction to OPET

Organisations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies

The OPET Network is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to disseminate information on, and promote the benefits of, new innovative energy technologies. These energy technologies cover the areas of renewable energy sources, rationale use of energy in industry, buildings and transport, solid fuels and hydrocarbons. The OPET Network is supported by the Enterprise Directorate-General, under the INNOVATION Programme , in collaboration with the Energy Directorate-General, under the demonstration component of the JOULE-THERMIE Programme.

The OPET Network comprises both public and private bodies with expertise in the promotion of new and innovative energy technologies. There are 38 OPETs within the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Israel, and 14 OPETs within the candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Cyprus - otherwise known as the FEMOPETs.

Each OPET works to meet the specific information needs of the market within a specific geographical area or technical sector. The services they can provide include market studies, technology training sessions, technical evaluations, specialised workshops and exhibitions, partner searches, etc..

Potential clients for OPET services include industry, public authorities, educational/training bodies, the financial sector and the final consumer.

The Network members have access to a wealth of information and experience on new, innovative energy technologies, which exists as a result of EC Programmes, and international energy programmes. They also work closely with existing local, regional or national networks and operators to ensure complementarity between actions. In particular, OPETs work in close collaboration with the Innovation Relay Centres (IRCs) with the aim of boosting participation in Community RTD and the exploitation of results within the energy sector.

OPETs can also draw upon the expertise of a number of Sectoral Technical Experts . Selected as recognised specialists in their particular energy field, these Experts can provide 'free' advice to members of the OPET Network. Activities include the production technology profiles, market analyses, publication reviews, assistance at events etc. The aim of the STE service is to ensure the Network has access to technological state-of-the-art and to ensure that all OPETs can benefit from work carried out.

By operating as a Network it is intended that individual OPETs and FEMOPETs can build on each others experience and technical knowledge, in order to provide an optimum service to their clients. The OPET Central Unit is a key partner in the operation of the Network. Its role is to encourage Members to exchange information and work together on initiatives where they can achieve mutual gain.

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