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A compendium of new energy technologies :
Summary of the ATLAS project findings

The ATLAS project is perhaps the most comprehensive survey of new energy technologies carried out in the EU to date. Representing over two years of research carried out by members of the European network of energy agencies (EnR), the study gathered information on all the latest energy technologies, their current and future market status, the RTD needs, and their importance to EU energy policy.

'Energy Technology: The Next Steps' is a recently published summary of the main findings from the ATLAS project. With full-colour illustrations throughout, the report represents a useful document for the policy maker, technology expert and interested lay person alike. It is divided into six sections, covering the three main areas of energy supply (renewables, heat and power, and oil and gas) and the three main areas of energy demand (industry, buildings and transport). For each technology, there is a review of its market status, its contribution to EU-level policy objectives, the technical and non-technical barriers, and future RTD needs. General information concerning each sector is summarised in an introductory overview.

A compendium of new energy technologies

Due to large size of the file, the report is not made available for download. To obtain a copy please contact:

Sabine Pellkofer

Fax: +32 2 295 0577
E-mail : (email removed)

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