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JOULE-THERMIE is the European Commission's Programme for the research, development, demonstration and promotion of non-nuclear energy technologies. It brings together for the first time the JOULE component on research and development, managed by the Research Directorate-General, and the THERMIE component for the demonstration and promotion of energy technologies, managed by the Energy Directorate-General. The Programme runs for four years (1995-1998) and has a total budget of 1030 million ECU.

As part of THERMIE's activities, the Energy Directorate-General works in collaboration with the INNOVATION Programme to manage the OPET Network.

A very useful site to visit on THERMIE publications has been produced by the Research Directorate-GeneraI which can be found on the Europa server. This site contains interesting project fiches and brochures which the visitor may wish to read.

The site also includes the following explanations:

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