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OPET Service

The Cross Border OPET Bavaria - Austria offers its services in all three sectors of the non-nuclear energy programmes of the 4th framework programme:

  • Rational Use of Energy in buildings, transport and industry (RUE)
  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • Fossil Fuels (SF and HC)

The Cross Border OPET Bavaria - Austria provides all services which are necessary to establish successful technology transfer and promotion of energy technologies. Special regard is given to activities to inform SME's about EU- RTD-programmes, call for proposals and how to prepare successful proposals.

The following organisations are members of the CrossBorder OPET:

  • ZREU - Zentrum für Rationalle Energienutzung und Umwelt Gmbh, Regensburg, Germany
  • O.O. Energiesparverband, Linz/Austria
  • Landesenergieverein Stelermark, Graz/Austria

Services 1996/1997

Advice centre for EU-RTD programmes. SME have the possibility to be advised in individual meetings on how to prepare a successful RTD-proposal for European energy related programmes in the sectors RES, RUE and SF. This service is offered free of charge during the contract period.

Sectorial information event "Energy Management Systems in SMEs". The regions covered by the OPET are characterized by a large number of innovative small and medium sized enterprises. The workshop presented new methods and technologies in the field of energy management systems also demonstrated under the THERMIE programme and gave a detailed introduction into the support structure of the Forth Framework Programme (Linz, 18.11.1996).

Inhouse information day about the THERMIE- programme in the printing sector. In cooperation with the Bavarian printing association the OPET will organise an information day on innovative energy technologies and support possibilities for the Bavarian printing industry. The event will consist of presentations about Bavarian and European support programmes and about new innovative energy technologies which have already proven market viability.

Database Service. Latest information on RTD and Demonstration projects, EU programmes and possible international partners are made available for all interested people on the databases: CORDIS, SESAME, ISET, ISIS, SAVE and national data bases. A special database for partner search in the involved regions will be developed. This service will be offered free of charge by all partners of the OPET consortium during the contractual period.

Project Info on energy technologies. Bavaria and Austria have very active energy technology sectors, especially in energy management, solar and biomass technologies. In order to make these better known to the European market actors four-page project infos are published in English presenting outstanding applications of innovative energy technologies in the covered area. These brochures are disseminated through the OPET network. The newsletter is published twice a year.

National and Geographical Focus

Target regions for the services offered by the OPET consortium are Bavaria in Germany and Austria. The activities in Bavaria will be worked out in Regensburg by ZREU, OPET for Bavaria since 1991. Due to the federal structure in Austria the tasks of the OPET in Austria will be implemented on two locations in Linz (ESV) and Graz (LEV).

Activities carried out under THERMIE

  • European Seminar "The use of photovoltaic technologies in rural and isolated areas", Freiburg, 1992.
  • European Workshop "New energy saving technologies in hospitals", Regensburg, 1995.
  • Handbuch für Hausmeister, 1994.
  • Market Study "Evaluation of the market potential of microscale CHP-units in Germany", 1994.
  • Handbuch "Einsatz von erneuerbaren Energiequellen in Gemeinden", 1995.
  • Slide collection "Biomass, the green energy", 1995.
  • Maxibrochure "Solar collectors and their fields of application". 1995.
  • Handbook "Energy Technologies", ongoing.
  • Study Biomass Technologies in Austria 1994
  • Integration of Austria in the European Energy Technology Market 1996
  • World Energy Efficiency Day, 1996, 1997, 1998
  • Promotion of EU Energy Technologies in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, 1995-1997
  • Third Party Financing and ESCOs in Slovakia, 1995-1997
  • THERMIE Information in Austria and Bavaria 1996-1998 Biomass Tank, 1996-1998

Contact Details

OPET Manager - Johann Fenzl

OPET Contact - Toni Lautenschläger

ZREU - Zentrum für rationelle Energieanwendung und Umwelt GmbH

Wieshuberstraße 3
93059 Regensburg

Tel +49 941 46419 0
Fax +49 941 46419 10
E-Mail (email removed)

www: OÖ Energiesparverband/Austria
www: : Landesenergieverein Steiermark

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