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CLER - Comité de Laison
Energies Renouvelables
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OPET Service

  • collaborating with the market operators (development associations, Regional Delegation of the ADEME, designers, architects, industrials, electrification syndicate,
  • broadcasting informations in the field of renewable energies and URE: information articles, organization of conferences and workshops, realization of pedagogic documents, informations about references operations, organizations of visits...,
  • supporting local programs in the fiel of energy: research of partners, of sites, elaboration of files, operations in need of financing,
  • evaluating the technological needs: local studies of solutions and competences in France and Europe,
  • using and updating databases,
  • coordinating actions in the context of European programs,
  • promoting the results of national and European programs.

These actions will be conceived with preference to the following aspects:

Operational aspect: it aims to value and promote actual operations, to ensure development of new operation processes by helping local actors and national decision makers in the fields of environment and energy,

Synergy effect: common tools shared by partners in renewable energies (associations, professionals, reseachers...) will be Image developped to ensure the best synergy effect between the actors and the achievements,

Development of exchanges with European partners: a multiplying effect will be also searched for promoting works financed within the European organizations and developping actual applications. Informations about foreign actors and operations achieved in the countries of the European Community will be used to develop partnership,

Consistancy of actions: the different services proposed in the context of the OPET will work together. Reports, conferences and publications will rely on a common thematic on a time basis corresponding to the OPET mission.

Collaboration with the market operators and the users

The first year and according to the principle problems met in the geographic area concerned, the OPET will base its actions on the three following themes:

  • micro hydroelectricity,
  • production of decentralized electricity
  • financing of renewable energies.

Nature of Organisation

Private, Non Governmental Organisation

Contact Details

OPET Manager - Jean-Pierre Trillet

OPET Contact - Christophe Mongredien

Comité de Laison Energies Renouvelables

2B rue Jules Ferry

Tel + 33 1 55 86 80 00
Fax +33 1 55 86 80 81
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Last Updated: January 1, 2000