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the Pilot Action of Excellence on Innovative Start-ups
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Last update : 27/03/2006
  Accompanying Measures

The accompanying measures are designed to analyse and disseminate PAXIS results and good practices to all interested parties across Europe. Three new Accompanying Measures were appointed to support the forthcoming PAXIS initiative over a period of 42 months.

Accompanying Measure 1

AM1 provides a range of communication tools and activities to support the PAXIS pilot action. It will facilitate communication amongst the members of the network through the newsletter, publications, events and the PAXIS web site and support the exchange of knowledge through GOPP-sessions and visiting schemes. The necessary expertise for content, networking and communications is being provided through a consortium of two partners: Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications (Belgium) and Logotech SA (Greece).

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Partners of Accompanying Measure 1 :
Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications (SSBC) (Belgium)
Logotech SA (Greece)


Accompanying Measure 2

The ATHENA Accompanying Measure has the key objective of designing and implementing an efficient innovation policy interface, providing a crucial link between the Commission and the start-up community. ATHENA will be co-ordinated by Socintec, a Spanish business and innovation consultancy, and will operate in partnership with a panel of experts selected especially for the project.

Partners of Accompanying Measure 2 :

Berlin Institute of Entrepreneurship & Berlin School of Economics
The Berlin Institute of Entrepreneurship is a private run non-profit organisation. Its network consists of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, consultants and local companies which teamed up to support start-ups. The institute mainly targets innovative start-ups. Another area of activity is the support of entrepreneurship education activities at universities.

Founded in 1971, the Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft (FHW) Berlin / Berlin School of Economics has since become one of the largest and most distinguished academic institutions for business studies and post-graduate management education in Germany. The FHW Berlin is dedicated to meeting European needs for internationally-oriented business and management education and thus calls for a study concept that guarantees all students strong links to business life and professional reality.

Since its creation forty years ago, CERAM Sophia Antipolis has become one of Frances most respected education and research centers, specialising in business management and administration. CERAM Sophia Antipolis is one of the "Grandes Ecoles" institutes.

Its privileged position in the heart of the Sophia Antipolis technology park means CERAM Sophis Antipolis benefits from one of the richest teaching and research environments available in Europe. The School"s interactions with companies, local communities and institutions provide its professors with unique research opportunities.

The 3 main research axes are the following :

  • Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation (ETI)
  • Global Management (GM)
  • Competence, Knowledge and Organisations Management (CKO)

META Group
META Group is an international, dynamic and growing group operating in the field of innovation. Born in Italy as a spin off from a Research Institute on New Materials in 1993, META has since then been working both at national and international level.

Our activities focus on commercialisation of knowledge-based products and our main skills are Finance for Innovation, Research and Development results valorisation, high tech start up creation and support.

META Clients are Companies, Venture Capitalists, Universities, Development Agencies, Science Parks, Regional Governments.

META Group offers :

  • Products development and sales (knowledge based products development and sales)
  • New companies (seed capital, market evaluation, incubators design and management)
  • Existing Companies (investor readiness, economic intelligence, fund raising, facility management)
  • Innovation Policy and Strategies (policy analysis and evaluation, benchmarking, capacity building & technical assistance to local authorities for the design and implementation of innovation plans)

SOCINTEC offers management consultancy with a particular focus on technological development and innovation management, as a means for promoting job creation and economic growth. The company"s goal is to supply consulting services to the public and private sector to enhance wealth creation by designing and implementing measures for knowledge generation and exploitation; encouraging the use of advanced technologies and innovation as a means of generating employment and enabling social cohesion; and introducing positive change to maximise the use of resources and productivity.

Our clients belong to a variety of sectors and industries. Whether they are pubic authorities at local, national or European level, SMEs or multi-nationals, we offer a range of services that are based on the identification of their needs.

SOCINTEC is characterised for its wide knowledge in company innovative aspects such as management, training, technology, marketing, and information areas. Its consultants have experience in analysing external factors, which affect the business, its market and the geopolitical context in which the activities are developed. The consultancy services offered by SOCINTEC range from those of a general nature to those focused on very specific aspects.

SOCINTEC is widely recognised at both national and European level in the field of SMEs support planning and implementation, technology innovation consultancy, project management, R&D planning, innovation policy assessment, dissemination, innovation marketing, monitoring and promotional fields. This involves close contact with agents and organisations that work in the Science-Technology-Industry-Market interface in Spain and the European Union including the Commission.

University of Lincoln
The University of Lincoln is an innovative and distinctive university, offering state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities in the cathedral city of Lincoln. The goal of the university, as laid out in the Strategic Plan, is to develop a "distinctive identity in UK higher education, encompassing innovative thinking and contemporary agendas within a traditional culture of excellence in research and learning."

The Business School at the University of Lincoln has been offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for over twenty years and has twice won the coveted Cable and Wireless prize for innovation in European and international programmes. We are a Business School that works closely with stakeholders in our region and it is their ambition that the Lincoln Business School continues its role as a leading force in the economic development of the region. A research agenda is established in management, information and knowledge management, enterprise and entrepreneurship, and community and economic development.

Within the Business School, the Enterprise Research and Development Unit (ERDU) provides a focus for research and development activity related to small and medium enterprise development and entrepreneurship. The Unit has already developed a portfolio of "R&D" projects and activities related to enterprise and small business.

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Project Results :

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