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European Innovation Workshop
Edingburg - International Conference Centre
5 - 7 october 2005

European Innovation Workshop

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The PAXIS European Innovation Workshop in Edinburgh was a particularly successful event. Over 230 participants exchanged best practices in innovation during the two days

organised by the European Commission's PAXIS project together with Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian.
European innovation practitioners from the 22 PAXIS Regions of Excellence and projects as well as the partners of the Europe Innova projects on clusters development and sectoral innovation financing gathered presented PAXIS results, exchanged ideas for future projects and learned from each other. Discussions during plenaries and round tables led to the general conclusion, well-resumed in David White's words, that: "Europe's future consists in becoming more competitive with other continents and other markets... "

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PAXIS has five Thematic Networks, involving Europe’s 22 most innovative regions- the Regions of Excellence- which members analyse and describe their process models in order to encourage and develop start-ups. The results of this work are then shared between all the members of the network who learn from each other and are able to adapt ideas and approaches tried and tested elsewhere. Through this benchmarking exercise, the cross-fertilisation of ideas is continuously developing and adapting a 'best of breed' model for the creation and development of start-ups and is followed by more tangible links between the participating organisations. Similarly, the networks assist players in the field of innovation to make national and international contacts which, in turn, help SMEs access new markets for the products and services, and find international partners and customers.

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