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the Pilot Action of Excellence on Innovative Start-ups
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Last update : 27/03/2006
  The KREO network

Karlsruhe (DE), Lyon-Grenoble in Rhône-Alpes (FR), Emilia-Romagna (I) and Oxfordshire (UK) have been selected as regions of excellence for having created a supportive environment for innovative enterprises and high-tech start ups.

Tying together the four regions, the KREO Thematic Network (KREO TN) aims at providing a permanent framework for the analysis, exchange and transfer of successful practices supporting the creation and development of innovative firms, with a particular focus on the relations between research and industry.

The four KREO partners have joined forces in order to achieve the general goal of reinforcing a favourable and sustainable environment for the starting-up and development of innovative firms based on competencies and technologies developed by the research world. In particular their objectives are :

  • to contribute to the improvement and/or development of support mechanisms for innovative firms setting-up and development in each partner region, taking into consideration policy priorities, the characteristics of each local area, local key players and the framework of the existing relationships between research and industry
  • to enlarge KREO TN local networks, including and stimulating the active participation of old and new local actors (local authorities representatives, researchers, entrepreneurs and business associations, business service providers, financiers, etc.) that are directly or indirectly involved in the promotion of the setting up and development of innovative firms
  • to promote transnational co-operation between the various local actors in order to contribute to the improvement of framework conditions through the implementation and transfer of support mechanisms for the setting up and development of innovative firms and in view of establishing permanent sub-networks of excellence
  • to improve the efficiency in circulating the information within and outside the network (both at a local and European level) by designing and implementing specific information campaigns with a clear definition of target groups, appropriate information tools, efficient communication and dissemination mechanisms

A common methodology is applied, able to work on the whole process that makes possible the setting up of knowledge based start-ups and to allow an effective networking among all actors participating to the innovation process.

Networking at regional and transnational level includes the creation of working groups, the organisation of seminars/workshops and study tours, and regards four thematic areas :

  • New approaches in the creation of innovative firms
  • Research centres and universities spin-offs supporting mechanisms
  • Real and virtual networks for supporting innovative companies
  • Learning programmes for entrepreneurs

An active diffusion of the outcomes of the project is planned, in order to favour the replication of best practices and the creation of an environment conducive to innovation.


KREO Coordinator

Verdiana Bandini
ASTER Science Tecnology Enterprise
Via Gobetti 101 - 40129 Bologna - Italy
E-mail : (email removed)