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Last update : 27/03/2006
  The PANEL Network

The four regions of Barcelona, Dublin, Milan and Munich represent the PANEL network. The four cities have similar profiles - all are the first or second most powerful economic centres in their respective countries. Barcelona is represented by Associació Pla Estratègic Metropolità de Barcelona which comprises city authority and municipalities, the University of Barcelona, and other business and commercial organisations. Dublin is represented by a consortium of institutions lead by the Trinity College, the partner representing Milan is the Province of Milan's Department of Economic Activities, while GründerRegio M, an umbrella body bringing together about 25 organisations from all business sectors, represents Munich. The organisation was founded in July 1998 to support young entrepreneurs from higher education institutions seeking to set up their own businesses.

Members of PANEL : Barcelona (ES), Dublin (IR), Milan (I) and Munich (DE)
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Coordinator PANEL :

Jürgen Vogel
GruenderRegio M.e.V
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