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  Zooming on European Excellence

On 26-28 November 2003, the Torino Area hosted the 1st PAXIS Workshop in the conference center Torino Incontra. Under the motto €œZooming on European Excellence€, the PAXIS partners presented the progress of their work, best practice cases and ideas.

The workshop was a huge success, more than 130 people attented the three-day event, with interesting presentations and speeches from the different thematic networks and projects. Not only members of PAXIS were present, because the workshop took place in the framework of the €œSalone dello Sviluppo Locale€ (Local Development Workshop), which zoomed on the Torino Area and its ambitious plans for innovative development at local level.

PAXIS best practices in early-stage financing
The workshop started off with the PAXIS best practices in early-stage financing, moderated by Rolf Reiner from the Spring network. This workshop aimed at the establishment of a working group on €œearly-stage financing€ that serves as a forum for the common formulation of recommendations for the European Union"s policies and projects. More than 80 people attended this workshop.

START (418Kb)
    KREO (50Kb)     IFISE (250Kb)
HIGHEST (212Kb)     PANEL (147Kb)     EUROMAPLIVE (106Kb)
SPRING (272Kb)            

Excellence in Innovative Regions
After the internal meetings for PAXIS partners, the floor was given to Torino. During the session on €œExcellence in Innovative regions€ work of the entities that are working to promote innovation in the Torino Area was presented.

Mr. Arnaldo Bagnasco, from the Scientific Committee of the University of Torino, chaired this meeting and other high-level representatives of the University of Torino, the Province of Torino and the Industrialist Association presented their views. Italy"s Minister for Economic Affairs, Antonio Marzano, introduced a national perspective to innovation policy.

Zooming on European Excellence-PAXIS models to innovation
The morning session concluded with a round table, where actions and initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship were discussed, which allowed a close look at the main actors involved, the success and failure of different activities and Europe"s role in local innovation initiatives.

Chaired by Ms. Mercedes Bresso, President of the Province of Torino, representatives of 6 regions of excellence presented their views.

Peer review of PAXIS" Progress
In the afternoon and on Friday morning, the Peer reviews of PAXIS" progress took place. Chaired by Tomas Botella (thematic networks) or Charlotte Avarello (projects and AM3), the different PAXIS partners presented their current activities and the first results of their work. Each presentation was evaluated by a panel of experts.

Presentations to download :

    ESTER (148Kb)     SUN&SUP (1,6Mb)
START (361Kb)
    GLOBALSTART (905Kb)      
SPRING (2,5Mb)     PROMOTOR + (1,1Mb)      
HIGHEST (246Kb)     TRANSACT (1Mb)      
KREO (1,1Mb)     BIO-LINK (394Kb)
      TRACTOR (2,7Mb)      

The PAXIS workshop ended with the closing session on Friday afternoon, where the results of the peer reviews were presented. But first, Mr. Botella and George Strogylopoulos (chairman of Logotech, AM1) evaluated the European initiatives promoted through PAXIS. Chairman for this closing session was Jean-Noël Durvy, Head of Unit, Innovation Policy, European Commission.
  Documents to download :

Torino programme (PDF)
Programme round table (PDF)
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