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Framework programme


Previous programme


Successor programme


Programme funding

EUR 64 million

Official Journal Reference

L 3 of 1984-01-05

Legislative Reference

of 1983-12-22
To establish reference materials and measurement methodologies in both the nuclear and the non-nuclear fields, having regard to the requirements of the Community Bureau of Reference, with a view to the establishment of standards which will contribute to the optimal development of the Community's fission and fusion activities.


Part of the first Framework Programme (1984-1987) under sub-activity 2.1.: "Industrial Technologies" and coordinated under the Research Action Programme (RAP) "Industrial Technologies", which covers activities directed towards the improvement of measurement methods and the preparation and certification of reference materials for use in the nuclear and other sectors. Metrology and the study of the chemical, physical and technological properties of industrial materials form part of this research action programme.

The programme provided support for the shared-cost programme of the Community Bureau of Reference (BCR). Nuclear measurements were mostly undertaken to meet the needs of international organizations (IAEA and NEA), but some were made at the request of national institutions.


Two areas:

- Nuclear measurements:
The measurement of nuclear data using particle accelerators as well as other nuclear measurement applications;

- Reference materials:
Both nuclear reference materials in relation to industrial safety and non-nuclear reference materials in the context of the Community Bureau of Reference (BCR).


The Commission, assisted by the board of governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), was responsible for carrying out the programme, which was executed by the Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements (CBNM) at the Geel establishment of the JRC.

Information was disseminated in accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 2380/74 of 17 September 1974 (Official Journal No L 255 of 20.9.1974), adopting provisions for the dissemination of information relating to research programmes for the European Economic Community.

The Commission submitted annual reports to the Council and the European Parliament on the execution of the programme and reviewed it in its third year with a view to a further four-year programme. A final critical analysis carried out by independent experts was also submitted .
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