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Programme funding

EUR 18,6 million

Official Journal Reference

L 316 of 1978-11-10

Legislative Reference

78/902/EEC of 1978-10-30
To promote specific measures for the coordination of national research activities so as to allow rational organization of means employed, efficient use of results and the orientation of such work towards the aims of the common agricultural policy, as well as the implementation of joint projects designed to second or supplement work undertaken in the Member States in fields which are of particular importance to the Community.


Council Regulation (EEC) No 1728/74 of 27.6.1974 (Official Journal No L 182 of 5.7.1974) on the coordination of agricultural research, provided for coordination at Community level of national agricultural research activities, in order to contribute towards attaining the objectives of the common agricultural policy.


Four fields and ten programmes:

- Socio-structural objectives:
. Programme for the appropriate use of land and rural development;
. Programme on Mediterranean agriculture;
. Programme on agricultural waste and the effluent of intensive stock rearing;

- Elimination of barriers on the intra-Community agricultural markets:
. Programme on animal pathology;

- Production efficiency:
. Programme to improve the productivity of Community beef herds;
. Programme on integrated and biological pest control;
. Programme on ways of improving plant resistance to disease and environmental pressures;
. Programme on primary processing of agricultural products;
. Programme on elm disease;

- Alternative products (Increase of market value of fodder production)
. Programme for improved production of vegetable proteins.


The Commission was responsible for the implementation of the programme by means of coordination activities and shared-cost contracts.


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