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Programme funding

EUR 500 million

Official Journal Reference

L 399 of 1989-12-30

Legislative Reference

89/687/CEE of 1989-12-22
To make possible the realistic integration of the French overseas departments (OD) into the Community by establishing an appropriate framework for the application of common policies in those departments, to help catch up economically through involvement of the Structural Funds, to promote regional cooperation in the developing areas where the OD are situated, notably by providing appropriate instruments for participation in joint regional projects or programmes.


Founded in Article 227, paragraph 2, and its Article 235 of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (EEC), the programme shall help attain the general aims of the Treaty and Annex VII to the third Lome Convention, the same declaration annexed to the Fourth ACP-EEC Convention, signed in Lome 15 December 1989, and of the first part of Title VII of Decision 86/283/EEC of 30 June 1986 (Official Journal No L 175 of 1.7.1986) concerning the association of overseas departments (OD) to the EEC, modified by Decision 87/341/EEC (Official Journal No 173 of 30.6.1987), aiming at the promotion of regional cooperation.

The programme is based on the twofold principle that the OD form an integral part of the Community and that the regional reality, characterized by the special features and constraints specific to the regions concerned as distinct from the Community as a whole, must be recognized. It deals with legislative measures and financial commitments.


- Specific measures in the field of agricultural products not covered by common measures: these may take the form of assistance for production, processing or marketing;

- Community measures concerning the banana market which take account of recent production trends in the Member States and of the interests of the productive areas of the Community, and also of the interests of countries in respect of which the Community has given specific undertakings;

- In the case of rum, the Commission will examine the economic and social implications of the new Community definition, the abandonment of the allocation among Member States of the quota granted to the ACP States, and also the abolition of special tax arrangements;

- Measures intended to compensate for the exceptional geographical situation of the OD in relation to the continental territory of the Community, taking into account the aims of regional cooperation; these measures are aimed at facilitating the supply to the OD of inputs for local livestock farming;

- Measures to assist the production of certain agricultural products in the OD (fruit, vegetables and flowers), which will be adopted on the basis of objective criteria to be established in the context of a product by product analysis to be carried out by the Commission.


The Commission is responsible for the implementation of the programme, ensuring coordination of the financing timetable and also of the subsequent implementation of the projects or programmes.

Community measures already adopted for the overseas departments (OD) will be maintained, extended or adapted in accordance with this Decision. Directives or other measures to be adopted in connection with the internal market, social matters, technological research and development and environmental protection will have to take into account the special character of the OD. Certain measures under the programme may continue to apply after 31 December 1992 so as to make possible the economic and social development of these areas.

The Structural Funds, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and other financial instruments are involved in promoting the development and structural adjustment of the OD. Pursuant to Article 8 of Regulation (EEC) 2052/88, the French authorities and the Commission ensure that measures to assist the OD that are covered by Community support frameworks are carried out primarily through the implementation of operational programmes.

Within the scope of its powers and in accordance with the eligibility rules of the Structural Funds, the Commission endeavours to speed up the grant of assistance in cases where aid from the Funds is needed to repair damage caused by natural disasters endemic to the tropical regions concerned, notably hurricanes, where such repair is not covered by emergency aid.

National measures which have specific effects favouring the OD will be listed systematically in order that a decision may be taken before 31 December 1992 on whether to maintain, modify or abolish them in line with the general principles of the Treaty, while taking into account the special constraints on the OD.

Regional consultations between the different States, territories and departments in the two geographical areas where the OD are situated are encouraged, in conjunction with the authorities of the relevant Member States in the case of OD and territories, in the interests of better regional cooperation. Regional trade cooperation could take the form, in due course, of regional trade agreements.
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