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EUR 2,5 million

Official Journal Reference

L 319 of 1993-12-21

Legislative Reference

93/683/CEE of 1993-10-29
To collect data on home and leisure accidents with a view to promoting accident prevention, improving the safety of consumer products and informing and educating consumers so that they make better use of products.


Following a demonstration project for a system to collect data on consumer product safety, set up by Decision 86/138/EEC, the Council Decision of 29 October 1993 (93/683/EEC) introduces a Community system of information on home and leisure accidents. In the context of the internal market and Council Directive 92/59/EEC of 29 June 1992 on general product safety, measures to make it possible for all Member States to collect the information needed for the monitoring of the products involved in accidents, where data must normally be obtained from hospital casualty departments, should be taken to ensure the overall quality of the data by the use of homogeneous basic methods.

The Commission and the Member States shall ensure that, in the course of the collection and forwarding of information, all identifying details or those which enable identities to be deduced are removed so that identities of victims remain confidential. Any referenced use of data in the Member States in official publications shall be accompanied by the following statement : "The Community system of information on home and leisure accidents provides only general indications and cannot be regarded as statistical proof of the safety, or lack of safety, of a given product".


The basic information will be obtained from hospital casualty departments selected by Member States. However, for administrative and technical reasons in Germany, Spain and Luxembourg the collection of data will be carried out by means of household surveys. Procedures for conducting these surveys will be agreed between these Member States and the Commission.


Member States are responsible for implementing the system. They will process directly the data collected and submit a report to the Commission containing summaries and evaluations at national level of the results obtained and the conclusions drawn from these results. In the interests of transparency in the use of Community funds, each Member State will ensure appropriate publication of the report. Financial support is tied to the submission of the report.

Member States will supply the Commission, at its request, with available data on the safety of certain products, or specific categories of products, involved in home and leisure accidents and all the circumstances surrounding such accidents.

Member States will designate the authority or authorities responsible for the collection and transmission of such data and inform the Commission of the names and addresses of these authorities.

The Commission shall help finance implementation of the system under the following procedure:
- Community financial support for the hospitals participating in the collection of data will be allocated at a standard rate representing 80% of the actual costs up to a ceiling of ECU 28,000 per hospital for 1993.
- Community financial support for the household surveys in Germany, Spain and Luxembourg will be allocated at a standard rate of 80% of the actual costs incurred up to a ceiling of ECU 380,000 for Germany, ECU 225,000 for Spain and ECU 95,000 for Luxembourg.

In addition, Community financial support will be provided as a contribution to the strengthening of the least developed national infrastructures, in particular through the development of appropriate computerized networks so that Member States with operational collection systems may give bilateral technical assistance to the other Member States. This Community financial support may not exceed 3% of the overall financial support granted by the Community.

The Commission will draw up a final report on the implementation and effectiveness of the system as soon as possible after 31 December 1993 which will be submitted to the European parliament, the Council and the Economic and Social Committee.


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