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Framework programme


Programme funding

EUR 5 million

Official Journal Reference

L 7 of 1999-01-13

Legislative Reference

1999/22/EC of 1998-12-14
To establish at Community level a shared approach to studies, analyses, forecasts and other related work in the energy sector; to promote analysis of the energy markets and policies at the level of the Community and Member States; to analyse and evaluate energy and environment questions, particularly in relation to climate change; to analyse and evaluate energy market trends in Europe and the world; to help identify and transfer the best analysis methods and practices; to facilitate information networks in the energy field; to develop an active policy for the dissemination of the results obtained; to develop methodologies for monitoring the implementation of the energy framework programme.


The programme is one of the specific programmes of the framework programme for actions in the energy sector, 1998-2002.

Within the framework programme, it aims to place energy decision-making in the context of a shared analysis of the energy situation and of future trends through cooperation between Member States and the energy sector. Consolidation and monitoring of the internal energy market is a priority target for both the Community and the Member States.


In order to achieve the objectives of the programme, the Community may undertake and/or promote, directly or in cooperation with interested parties, and/or contribute to the following measures:

- Observation, monitoring and the exchange of comparable information in the energy field as well as the completion of studies, analyses and forecasts on all energy aspects, including trends, markets and prices;

- Provision of technical and methodological assistance to projects in order to identify and transfer the best practices in areas such as methods of analysis and forecasting, means of collecting energy data, access to and exchanges via electronic networks and any other measure which helps to achieve the general objective;

- Assistance for the development of links among energy producers and users and academic and administrative circles in order to promote research into the policy and economic aspects of energy;

- Implementation of any initiative contributing to the dissemination of the results obtained, including the preparation and publication of reports and the organization of workshops, seminars and conferences.


Within the framework programme for actions in the energy sector (ENERGY-FP C) the ETAP programme will be implemented during the period 1998-2002.

The Commission will be responsible for the financial execution and implementation of the ETAP programme. It will be assisted by an advisory Committee established under the framework programme for actions in the energy sector.

The implementation of this specific programme, as well as the framework programme and the other specific programmes, will be examined in each year of its operation. In the third year of the framework programme the Commission will arrange an external assessment to be carried out by independent Community experts of the overall implementation of the actions carried out, including the specific programmes. The results of the assessment will be communicated to the European Parliament, the Council, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

Associated Central and Eastern European Countries and Cyprus will be able to participate in the ETAP programme, subject to the particular conditions and provisions relating to their participation in Community programmes.
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