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Programme funding

EUR 3,9 million

Official Journal Reference

L 155 of 1999-06-22

Legislative Reference

1296/1999/EC of 1999-04-29
To help to develop policies and strategies in the field of health and the environment, focusing on the prevention of pollution-related diseases, including the improvement of knowledge and understanding of health risks associated with them, by:

- improving information on pollution-related diseases; and
- improving knowledge and understanding of the assessment and management of these diseases and the effectiveness of preventative actions.


Pollution-related diseases are growing in importance throughout the European Community and raising public concern. They have been identified as a priority area for Community action within the framework for action in the field for public health.

Article 129 of the Treaty directs Community action towards the prevention of diseases and promotion of health education and information. In this context, in its Resolution on the Medium-Term Social Action programme 1995-97 the Parliament asked the Commission to present an action programme on pollution-related diseases foreseen in the Commission's framework communication on public health. The initial proposal for a European Parliament and Council Decision adopting the programme was adopted by the Commission on 4 June 1997.

The prevention of pollution-related diseases is seen not only to include measures aimed at the sources and concentrations of pollutants and on limiting exposure, but also public health actions directed at the public to enable individuals to reduce exposure and mitigate adverse effects on health.


The programme will consist of the following actions:

- Actions to improve information on pollution-related diseases and their definition, with the objective of contributing towards a better understanding of the role of pollutants in the causation and aggravation of diseases in the European Community.

- Actions to improve the level of knowledge and understanding of the assessment and management of pollution-related diseases.


The programme will be implemented during the period 1999-2001 in close cooperation with the Member States and with institutions and organizations active in the field of pollution-related diseases.

In implementing the programme, the Commission will be assisted by an advisory committee consisting of Member State representatives and chaired by a Commission representative. The committee will be consulted on the work programme, selection criteria and procedures, and evaluation procedures.

Cooperation with third countries and international organizations with competence in the field of public health will be fostered during the implementation of the programme. Associated Central and Eastern European Countries and Cyprus and Malta will be able to participate in the programme, subject to the particular conditions and provisions relating to their participation in Community programmes.

The Commission will take all steps necessary to ensure the monitoring and continuous evaluation of the programme, taking into account the programme's general and specific objectives. In the final year of its operation, the Commission will present an evaluation report to the European Parliament and the Council. On completion of the programme, the Commission will submit a final report to the European Parliament and the Council.
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