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Specific challenge: Common hydrogen purification systems, like membranes and state of art Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems split hydrogen into a pure fraction and an impure waste fraction. Current hydrogen generation technologies, like steam methane reforming, combust this waste fraction and use it as a source of heat. New hydrogen production methods or pathways under development often have no heat input requirement so they cannot make use of the waste fraction. These include hydrogen from industrial hydrogen pipelines and underground caverns and low-temperature hydrogen production methods. For these applications, efficient and low cost stand-alone clean-up systems need to be developed and optimized.

Scope:  Scope of work comprises the development and optimization and proof-of-concept of hydrogen purification technologies that achieve the purity requirements for fuel cells used in stationary and transport applications. These systems should be optimised for stand-alone operation with zero or close to zero waste gases, used for purification from the new hydrogen production methods, delivery and storage sources.  

Projects can focus on central large-scale clean-up after production or storage or address smaller scale clean-up just before use of the hydrogen.

The project(s) shall take into account the following overall technology objectives:

•             Low overall energy consumption. This includes energy input, H2 losses and energy required for re-compression to input pressure

•             Low cost (investment and operational cost). The cost of purification is expected to be a small fraction of the final hydrogen cost (ca. 0.15 €/kg)

Expected impact:             Significant technology advance of a stand-alone hydrogen purification system showing:

•             Hydrogen losses below 10%

•             Reduction of CAPEX down to 350k€/ (ton H2/day), with reduction of cost compared to state of art (e.g. palladium or PSA purification)

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