Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS

This strategic topic is addressed to the development and maturation of:

• Innovative wing structure technologies including the verification and validation of a new methodologies for the life cycle design at Aircraft level taking advantages from simulation of allowable, manufacturing processes, operative behaviour and load structure interaction; the methodology is proposed and developed in the frame of the regional aircraft; the life cycle methodology is applied to the automated manufacturing and testing of the relevant advanced composite components considering certification requirements and effect of defect issues;

• Air Vehicle technologies related to an innovative adaptive wing for future regional aircraft; to perform Verifications and Validation of these technologies, through Wind Tunnel test, and building full scale mechanical and structural concepts demonstrators for the developed devices concepts.

From these technological development level, innovative items shall be designed, manufactured and qualified for integration in the outboard wing section of the Flying Test Bed#1 for the final demonstration of TRL6.

Please refer for the full and formal topic description to Annex I of the Clean Sky 2 Work Plan 2014-2015 (see under the tab "Topic Conditions and Documents")
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