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Programme funding

EUR 25 million
The objective of the programme is to develop logistics so that it will improve the competitiveness and profitability of Finnish industry and service sectors.
Develop logistics services to respond efficiently to customers present and future needs.
Develop logistics services required in the environment of business networks.
Develop transportation of materials and material flows to achieve the lowest possible total logistical cost with desired customer service level.
Reduce work and routines in material flow management in the logistics chain.
Develop transparency in demand-supply chain.
Improve logistics research in Finland and make it more international.


E-Business Logistics 2002-2005
Challenges of e-business for Logistics
What kind of challenges electronic business and collaborative networks place on Logistics? What kind of possibilities new emerging technologies offer for management of physical material flow?

Answers to these questions are sought after in the new Tekes, the National Technology Agency, technology programme e-Business Logistics (ELO). The programme lasts for four years with an estimated budget of 25 million EUR.
The emphasis of the programme is on executing and directing physical material flows. A central viewpoint is, how electronic business brings about new demands on Logistics on one hand and gives opportunities to the management of physical Logistics on the other hand.


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- Enterprise projects
For enterprise projects applications are processed continuously. Applications should be compiled according to Tekes requirements. Application forms are available on Tekes website
- Research projects
In research projects the following aspects are emphasised:
Projects with more than one research organisation
Projects with international researcher exchange
Projects with cross-technological aspects.
Challenging research projects in which the parties utilizing the results are also participating in the project
The application for research projects is organised yearly. For the year 2002 the application ended at 31st of January.


New Production Processes
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