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Programme funding

EUR 4 million
This programme aims to stimulate new product and process development for industry through collaboration with Third Level Colleges resulting in mutually beneficial co-operation and interaction.


Under the INNOVATION PARTNERSHIPS programme, Enterprise Ireland will assist companies in their collaborative research with Colleges by co-funding the College research costs. Project proposals must demonstrate a clear benefit to the participating company(s) Applications may be submitted at any time and are subject to commercial and technical evaluation. Eligible applications are presented to the National Research Support Fund Board for approval on a monthly basis. Small companies and companies located outside Dublin are particularly encouraged to participate in the programme. The normal duration of a project will be from six months to two years.


- Applied research or experimental development with industry participation
- Participation is particularly encouraged from young researchers who have not previously been assisted under the programme.

The following considerations will also be taken into account in relation to a project:
- That while it should aim at strengthening present links between industry and the Higher Education sector, it should especially encourage new linkages,
- That it should aim to promote interdisciplinary and inter-Institutional team work,
- That it should enhance - and not replace - existing industrial support for science and technology;
- That it helps in the development of special skills and enterprise,
- That it can be shown that the expertise resulting from the work can be applied commercially in industry


To minimize the preparation time for projects, proposers should submit an OUTLINE PROPOSAL (please use the OUTLINE PROPOSAL form) of the work to be undertaken. This will be scrutinized quickly and feedback will be presented on the eligibility of the proposal and any particular considerations, which should be taken into account when formulating the full proposal. The OUTLINE PROPOSAL will form the basis of the Abstract of the Full Proposal.

The PROPOSAL will be subjected to a technical and a commercial evaluation by experts in Enterprise Ireland and / or by external evaluators. This will be processed in strict confidence. The objective is to ensure that the project is feasible, can be completed in the time available and with the resources requested and will have identifiable benefits for both the company and the Third Level Institution. The results from the Assessment will be circulated to the proposer, who will be invited to respond.

A dialogue may take place between the proposer(s) and the evaluator for the project. The programme manager facilitates this dialogue by handling all written communication between the two parties. This written procedure and the resulting documentation, forms an important part of the presentation of the proposal to National Research Support Fund Board (NRSFB). The evaluation is a cornerstone of each proposal and presentation to the NRSFB and cannot be circumvented.Enterprise Ireland may provide grants from 35% up to 75% of Third Level Institution total eligible costs only, subject to a maximum contribution of 190,000 euros. The participating company (-ies) will be expected to cover the remainder. Company contributions to Third Level Institution costs should be normally in cash. In special circumstances the company may make an in-kind contribution, of equipment or materials only, as part their total contribution to the Third Level Institution costs. The actual monetary value (not market value) of such in-kind contributions must be verified and is subject to approval by the Enterprise Ireland Programme Manager.


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