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Hyporheic Zone Processes – A training network for enhancing the understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological process interactions

De 2015-01-01 à 2018-12-31, projet en cours

Détails concernant le projet

Coût total:

EUR 3 090 951,60

Contribution de l'UE:

EUR 3 090 951,60

Appel à propositions:

H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014See other projects for this call

Régime de financement:

MSCA-ITN-ETN - European Training Networks



  • Network website online

    All information on the project will be summarised here and frequently updated. The website will also serve as a repository for all media coverage and link to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The HypoTRAIN blog, written by ESRs, will also be hosted here and feature aspects of the research programme, e.g. a summer school or a joint experiment.

  • Field Course

    Each ESR, together with their supervisor, presents aspects of their ESR project to the other ESRs. This will take place in conjunction with the first field experiment. It enables all ESRs to familiarise themselves with the application of advanced field techniques for sampling, measuring, and characterizing hyporheic processes and thus to broaden their technical and experimental knowledge.

  • Advertisement of ESR positions

    Vacancies will be advertised widely by placing a joint advert in a high-profile scientific journal (e.g., Nature) and on national and international portals (e.g., EURAXESS, as well as on the network’s website and those of the participating organisations. The network will also advertise open positions at relevant international conferences (e.g., EGU, SETAC). The advertisement will give a broad description of the required knowledge and skills for each position and care will be taken to encourage a wide range of candidates to apply; it will also include a description of working conditions and entitlements

  • coupled numerical flow models

    Skype discussions and face to faces at project meetings of ESRs and supervisors involved in this area. Documents/ spreadsheets to be drawn up and lodged on the internal communication platform

  • Summer School

    A 5-day in-depth introduction into the scientific research to be carried out by HypoTRAIN. Training will be delivered by HypoTRAIN consortium members and external experts and all ESRs will attend. It includes sessions on communication and collaboration, tracing hyporheic exchange, biogeochemistry, hyporheic ecology, organic micropollutants and modelling.