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Informationen von Horizont-2020-Projekten und nun auch Berichtzusammenfassungen stehen jetzt auf CORDIS bereit. Alle H2020-Projekte können jetzt vom Offenen Datenportal der EU heruntergeladen werden.

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A high resolution physical map of yeast chromosome XI has been constructed from overlapping cosmid clones of 3 complete genomic libraries of yeast, constructed for this purpose. 100% of the entire chromosome XI sequence has been determined in final form. More than 330 putative...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 18054
Last updated on: 1998-02-05
ID: BIOT0167
Anfangsdatum: 1991-01-01, Enddatum: 1993-12-31
The T project on sequencing the yeast genome has a total budget of 7 MUC from which 0.8 Muc is expected to be used for coordinations and 6.2 MUC for the sequencing work itself. Sequencing will probably to be carried out by 40 different laboratories still to be selected. The ...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 2803
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
ID: BIOT0256
Anfangsdatum: 1991-02-01, Enddatum: 1994-01-31
The first object of this project is to identify the key antigenic sites in the porcine parvovirus and to test peptides representing these sites for their ability to induce immunity. The second object of this project is to produce the designed new proteins in bulk to scale up...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 3040
Last updated on: 1991-02-21
For canine parvovirus a peptide was defined, using PEPSCAN, which is able to induce full protection in the target animal (ie canines and mink). This is the first example of a fully synthetic vaccine able to induce full protection. The same peptide was used to be exposed on a ...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 17646
Last updated on: 1998-01-07
The transfer of introduced genes to wild relatives is one of the questions raised by the use of genetically modified sugar beet. While the significance of such a gene transfer must be evaluated on a gene by gene basis, a study of gene transfer using a genetic markers can provi...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 8100
Last updated on: 1998-01-27
ID: BIOT0298
Anfangsdatum: 1991-10-01, Enddatum: 1994-03-31
The objective is to study of the dispersal of genes via genetic engineering into plants under common agricultural situations in the field. New techniques, assays and probes for the quick and efficient tracking of the transgenes in seeds and plants will be developed.
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 4446
Last updated on: 1991-11-12
ID: BIOT0207
Anfangsdatum: 1991-02-01, Enddatum: 1993-07-31
This T project provides a framework that links scientists working on methods for gene identification to scientists dedicated to answering fundamental questions in plant biology using genetics and physiology as their disciplines. This linkage will accelerate the dissemination o...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 3123
Last updated on: 1998-10-01
Some of the major scientific goals met in the Arabidopsis thaliana programme are as follows. Approximately one third of the genome has been mapped, techniques for rapidly screening yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) libraries have been developed, and a database has been establi...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 5749
Last updated on: 1998-01-16
The project considers scientific approaches to constructing genetically engineered microorganisms (GEM) of high predictability in performance and behaviour in ecological microcosms, soils, rhizospheres and river sediments. Initial research objectives are the development of: sp...
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 5735
Last updated on: 1998-02-02
ID: BIOT0293
Anfangsdatum: 1991-10-01, Enddatum: 1993-09-30
The objectives are the development of genetic tools for constructing GEMs with high predictability in performance and behaviour in ecological microcosms, soils, rhizospheres and river sediments.
Programme: FP2-BRIDGE
Record Number: 4229
Last updated on: 1991-11-06
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