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[BERICHTZUSAMMENFASSUNG] Heavy handling robots
Traditionally the manipulation of heavy payloads over a large working area has been carried out manually, involving significant equipment and manpower costs. The use of industrial robots for these types of tasks has been limited by their payload and reach capabilities. A large...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 13141
Last updated on: 1998-03-10
A reference model as a general approach for deriving specific software development strategies has been constructed. A flexible, adaptable architecture has been used, open for the integration of future software components. The integrated product model contains all information a...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 6322
Last updated on: 1998-01-15
[BERICHTZUSAMMENFASSUNG] Integrated microwave burglar alarm
The IMBA is an X-band microwave transceiver using the Doppler effect, a frequency shift phenomena when an irradiated object is moving in the antenna range. IMBA meets the increased interest of the market in low-power, low-noise microwave sensors and performs more than the same...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 21084
Last updated on: 1998-09-01
The development of Prolog IV, a new constraint logic programming (CLP) language, brings with it significant improvements in power and performance compared to its predecessor Prolog III. The richness of the constraint language enables Prolog IV to be applied to a very wide rang...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 17933
Last updated on: 1998-02-05
Combinatorial and geometric computing is a core area of computer science. Dealing with objects such as graphs, sequences, dictionaries, trees, points, flows, matching, segments, shortest paths, etc, the subject forms the basis for application areas such as discrete optimisatio...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 13197
Last updated on: 2005-01-13
[BERICHTZUSAMMENFASSUNG] Open motion control standard
The goal is the analysis, design, specification and implementation of a standardised, open and modular architecture for motion control (OMC) with application to industrial robots, mobile autonomous robots and motion oriented shop floor systems. A prototype was made available o...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 3095
Last updated on: 1998-03-18
ATCS (Automatic Tracking and Close-up System) is an automatic video camera control technology that can replace a human camera operator in many video-based applications, such as surveillance and remote learning systems. Units based on this technology have a relatively low cost ...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 23534
Last updated on: 1999-12-22
An advanced 3-dimensional inspection system for detecting soldering defects has improved product quality and provided cost-savings in the manufacture of electronic circuit boards. In the manufacture of electronic assemblies more than 60% of soldering defects occur at the sol...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 13167
Last updated on: 1998-01-15
The importance of the software development process and software quality to a company’s operating cost, productivity and overall competitiveness is increasingly recognised. In many cases, the ISO 9000 quality standard is now a prerequisite for providing software and other compu...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 17916
Last updated on: 1998-02-02
[BERICHTZUSAMMENFASSUNG] The formal description technique LOTOS
The aim of the LOTOSPHERE project was to foster the exploitation by industry of mathematically sound formal design techniques. This was achieved by project engineering and by using a viable, fully tool supported, formal system design and development methodology. The methodolo...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 4937
Last updated on: 1998-01-22
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