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FIR's approach to image retrieval is based on a mixed use of traditional techniques (textual classification of images) with the modern Wavelet technology, which allows image retrieval to be performed through pictorial contents. FIR reduces significantly costs and times of retr...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 20704
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
Kosteneffektive Speicherung und Wiederauffindung von Bildern über das Internet
Mit elektronischer Veröffentlichung befasste Fachleute und Unternehmen mit Bilddatenbanken sind mit den zeitaufwendigen Problemen im Zusammenhang mit dem Ablegen und Wiederauffinden von Bildern über das Internet vertraut. Das COBWEB-Projekt ist bestrebt, Zeit und Kosten für di...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 80150
Last updated on: 2005-09-18
Available languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 21980
Last updated on: 1999-03-17
The Elegant project takes the newly appearing commercial possibilities offered by the Internet, and puts them to use in the garment industry. In particular, Elegant rises to the following challenges: development of the use of the world wide web both internally and externally, ...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 21028
Last updated on: 1998-09-01
[BERICHTZUSAMMENFASSUNG] Marketing with Intelligent Agents (MIA)
Marketing Intelligent Agents is a portable, general purpose software framework that is used to generate marketing data from traffic at a company's Web site. Using several aspects of intelligent agent technology, MIA allows retailers to gather valuable information on customers'...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 23084
Last updated on: 1999-08-13
Performance testing services for biometric identification systems, such as fingerprint recognition and signature recognition, provide users with a means of benchmarking commercial devices for their own particular applications There is an increasing number of devices that iden...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 20768
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
[BERICHTZUSAMMENFASSUNG] DIADEM: user-friendly interfaces
DIADEM (DIalogue Architecture and DEsign Method) is a means of specifying user interfaces (UI) which allows improvements in quality and productivity throughout the software life-cycle. DIADEM is supported through DiademMaker, a tool that allows software developers to build UI ...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 19751
Last updated on: 1998-01-28
GAP has developed applications based on a new European Home Systems (EHS) technology (EHS_Lite). to integrate many home automation functions within the same user interface. The field tests supply a picture of the market and determine customer demand. The benefits already felt ...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 20750
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
A set of domestic products and services have been developed involving intelligent appliances which use gas. Once the dwelling has been equipped with a Gas Enabler (a sort of domestic infrastructure) which is specially designed for existing dwellings, new appliances related to ...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 20694
Last updated on: 2001-07-09
A complete system for household appliances communicating via power line with an energy management and information system is the core innovation of ELECline. The new architecture, including a remote configurator and a new meter gateway, allows the user to optimise the use of en...
Programme: FP4-ESPRIT 4
Record Number: 20784
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
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