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Informationen von Horizont-2020-Projekten und nun auch Berichtzusammenfassungen stehen jetzt auf CORDIS bereit. Alle H2020-Projekte können jetzt vom Offenen Datenportal der EU heruntergeladen werden.

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ID: 2496
Anfangsdatum: 1988-01-01, Enddatum: 1992-01-01
To improve the neutron standards data set, relative to which partial cross-sections or other quantities, important for fission and fusion technology, are determined. To improve radionuclide decay data for standards application. To develop nuclear measurement techniques for nuc...
Programme: JRC-NUMEAS 4C
Record Number: 19272
Last updated on: 1992-04-22
ID: 2497
Anfangsdatum: 1988-01-01, Enddatum: 1992-01-01
To prepare, characterize and certify high quality nuclear reference materials, required in the nuclear fuel cycle, including safeguards, in order to guarantee an independent European supply. To prepare special targets in support of CBNM's nuclear data programme. To make us...
Programme: JRC-NUMEAS 4C
Record Number: 19273
Last updated on: 1992-04-23
List retrieved on: 2017-06-28