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Source-specific ecosystem transfer of actinides utilising advanced technologies
ID: FIGE-CT-2000-00108
Start date: 2001-01-01, End date: 2003-12-31
Knowledge of actinide behaviour in ecosystems is seriously lacking in radioecology. The project systematically compares the influence of source-term and ecosystem characterisation on the mobility and biovailability of actinides in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems....
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 53140
Last updated on: 2002-09-10
Processes regulating remobilisation, bioavailability and translocation of radionuclides in marine sediments
ID: FIGE-CT-2000-00085
Start date: 2000-11-01, End date: 2003-10-31
The aim of the project is to study remobilisation of radiologically, important radionuclides from sediments of different characteristics in different European environments. Transboundary exposure has to be taken into account into the modelling and assessment of committed doses...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52925
Last updated on: 2003-10-02
Framework for assessment of environmental impact
ID: FIGE-CT-2000-00102
Start date: 2000-11-01, End date: 2003-10-31
FASSET will bring to radiation protection a framework for assessment of environmental impact, i.e. impacts on organisms and the ecosystem processes. These issues are presently not being addressed in radiation protection. Vice versa, environmental management systems rarely addr...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52913
Last updated on: 2003-04-01
Study of lung cancer risk and residential radon exposure
ID: FIGH-CT-1999-00008
Start date: 2000-03-01, End date: 2005-02-28
Epidemiological studies of underground miners have shown that exposure to radon and radon progeny increases the risk of lung cancer. However, there are uncertainties in using these data to estimate the risk associated with radon exposure in dwellings. In contrast, information ...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52734
Last updated on: 2003-04-01
Sustainable restoration and long-term management of contaminated rural, urban and industrial ecosystems
ID: FIKR-CT-2000-00018
Start date: 2000-09-01, End date: 2003-08-31
Following large-scale releases of radioactivity, different urban, industrial and rural environments may be contamined for many years. Consequently, areas of industrial and agricultural production, residence and recreation may all need to be managed to mitigate the impact of co...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52450
Last updated on: 2002-09-10
Epidemiological study to quantify risks for paediatric computerized tomography and to optimise doses
ID: 269912
Start date: 2011-02-01, End date: 2017-01-31
Diagnostic radiation represents an indispensable, sometimes life-saving, tool in modern medicine. However, the growing use of computerized tomography (CT) is a topic of concern in radiological protection, especially for children and adolescents. Children are generally more se...
Record Number: 97571
Last updated on: 2017-07-12
Realizing the European Network in Biodosimetry
ID: 295513
Start date: 2012-01-01, End date: 2015-12-31
Creating a sustainable network in biological dosimetry that involves a large number of experienced laboratories throughout the EU will significantly improve the accident and emergency response capabilities in case of a large-scale radiological emergency. A well organised coop...
Record Number: 100633
Last updated on: 2016-11-28
Towards a self sustaining European Technology Platform (NERIS-TP) on Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Response and Recovery
ID: 269718
Start date: 2011-02-01, End date: 2014-01-31
This project aims on the one hand to keep the momentum gained through the European Project EURANOS in establishing a platform where the operational and research community can meet and discuss with all the relevant stakeholders the topics related to emergency response and reco...
Record Number: 97429
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Methods ro reconcile disparate national forecasts of medium and long-range atmospheric dispersion
ID: FIKR-CT-2000-00038
Start date: 2000-10-01, End date: 2003-09-30
This project will improve decision support for medium/long range radioactive atmospheric dispersion affecting Europe. Its objective is to devise and implement new practical methods across Europe for enhancing the confidence in predictions and to establish common reconciliation...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52377
Last updated on: 2003-04-01
Evaluation and network of ec-decision support systems in the field of hydrological dispersion models and of aquatic radioecological research
ID: FIGE-CT-2001-20125
Start date: 2001-11-01, End date: 2004-10-31
Several computerised Decision Support Systems (DSS) have been developed for the management of contaminated fresh water environments. The objectives of the proposed network are: a) to review and assess the DSSs to ensure that they comply with expectations and needs of potentia...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 58427
Last updated on: 2003-04-01
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