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ID: MA1E0029
Start date: 1987-12-01, End date: 1990-11-30
The aim of the work is to further develop amorphous protective layers based on SiO2 to improve their mechanical properties and increase the temperature at which the amorphous layer is stable, thereby enhancing its effectiveness as a diffusion carrier. It is planned to investi...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6499
Last updated on: 1992-05-05
ID: MA1E0010
Start date: 1988-01-01, End date: 1990-06-01
The aim of the proposed R&D work is to propose solutions for regu lating mechanisms for which there is a large demand in space technology, robotics and other high technologies. Therefore, a fundamental study of the transformation characteristics of these alloys has to be made ...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6446
Last updated on: 1992-05-13
ID: MA1E0032
Start date: 1988-05-01, End date: 1990-10-31
Some coatings, such as conventional WC-Co systems, are capable of providing unexpected friction properties. The research deals with the study of this new family of coatings with improved friction properties. The objectives are: - Modelling their behaviour in order then to gen...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6515
Last updated on: 1992-05-05
ID: MA1E0026
Start date: 1987-12-01, End date: 1989-11-30
The principal aim of the project is to study a novel aluminium c oating in order to use it in electrical or electronic devices, especially in substitution of precious metals. This coating made of a supersaturated solid solution of Al and N is elaborated using PVD technique. Th...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 18092
Last updated on: 1992-04-28
ID: MA1E0052
Start date: 1987-12-01, End date: 1991-05-31
The obje ctives of the research are to develop new iron-based magnetic materials in bulk and in thin film form. Emphasis is placed on rapid solidification, and an exploratory evaluation of novel laser methods of film preparation. The intrinsic magnetic properties of these mate...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6450
Last updated on: 1992-04-28
ID: MA1E0027
Start date: 1987-09-01, End date: 1991-02-28
The primary objective of the project is to assess the capabilities of the techniques of pillaring layered phosphates to 'fine tune' the cavity dimensions in porous solids. Cavity manipulation will be extended to the synthesis of phosphates with channels and three-dimensional s...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6518
Last updated on: 1992-05-06
ID: MA1E0081
Start date: 1988-04-01, End date: 1991-09-30
Improved methods of thin film preparation, including laser ablation deposition. Development of new techniques for the magnetic characterization of thin films, including 57Fe depth sensitive conversion electro Mosshauer spectroscopy (DCEMS) and bulk magnetic property determina...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6460
Last updated on: 1992-04-28
ID: MA1E0031
Start date: 1987-11-01, End date: 1990-10-31
The objectives of this project are to produce v ery hard ceramic coatings based on boron carbide with high mechanical performance and improved resistance to chemical attack. The first objective especially concerns the oxidation resistance of boron carbide coatings between 600 ...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6474
Last updated on: 1992-04-29
ID: MA1E0037
Start date: 1988-01-01, End date: 1991-06-30
The aim of this project is to improve oxidation and corrosion resistanc e of non-oxide ceramics of the silicon nitride and related types, through systematic, basic research. Sintered silicon carbides of good oxidation resistance will be used as reference materials, and it woul...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6508
Last updated on: 1992-05-05
ID: MA1E0058
Start date: 1988-04-01, End date: 1991-03-31
1. To obtain at laboratory and at pilot level close to theoretical density Mullite, Mullite-Zirconia, Mullite-Zirconia-Alumina and Mullite- Zirconia-Titania(ss) reaction sintered composites. 2. To determine the room and high-temperature mechanical properties-o~f, KIC, slow cra...
Programme: FP1-EURAM
Record Number: 6473
Last updated on: 1992-04-29
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