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Final Report Summary - LOCALMULTIDEM (Multicultural Democracy and Immigrants' Social Capital in Europe: Participation, Organisational Networks, and Public Policies at the Local Level)
The main objective of this project is to study the degree of political integration of the foreign immigrant population in several European cities, and therefore to study multicultural democracy at the local level. This project defines the concept of political integration as th...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 47707
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - WELLCHI NETWORK (The Well-being of children: The impact of changing family forms, working conditions of parents, social policy and legislative measures)
The purpose of the WELLCHI NETWORK project has been to set up and operate a European network of researchers with the aim of improving our knowledge of the impact of changing family forms, the working conditions of parents, and social policy and legislative measures on the well...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 49793
Last updated on: 2012-10-03
Efficient and democratic governance in a multi-level Europe
ID: 506347
Start date: 2004-07-01, End date: 2008-06-30
The Network of Excellence CONNEX ("Connecting Excellence on European Governance") is dedicated to the analysis of "Efficient and Democratic Multilevel Governance in Europe". CONNEX has two main objectives: First of all, it intends to mobilise outstanding scholars all over Euro...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 74022
Last updated on: 2010-01-20
Environmental Policy Integration and Multi-level Governance
ID: 28661
Start date: 2006-02-01, End date: 2009-01-31
The integration of environmental issues into other policy areas (EPI) is widely recognised as key for sustainable development (SD). It is also the biggest challenge facing the environmental community, requiring not only a new approach to policymaking but also changes in polici...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 78657
Last updated on: 2007-09-18
Wider Europe, deeper integration?
ID: 513416
Start date: 2005-06-01, End date: 2009-05-31
EU-CONSENT" as a network of excellence for joint research and teaching will look at the construction of a new Europe especially from 2005-2008. It will address the question of the mutual reinforcing effects of deepening and widening by developing and wor king with three sets o...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 75709
Last updated on: 2010-10-25
Intercultural Active Citizenship Education
ID: 506023
Start date: 2004-03-01, End date: 2007-02-28
This project is meant to focus on the intercultural element of citizenship and human rights education and it aims to provide guidelines for teacher education in this area. It intends to follow three main steps: (1) document analysis; (2) curriculum analysis; and (3) an empiric...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 74016
Last updated on: 2012-11-21
European Network for Better Regulation
ID: 28604
Start date: 2006-01-01, End date: 2008-12-31
The purpose of the European Network for Better Regulation (ENBR) is to set up and operate a pan-European network aimed at improving and disseminating the current knowledge of regulatory processes as well as the degree and mode of implementation of impact assessment procedures ...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 78653
Last updated on: 2009-01-19
Creating links and innovative overviews for a new history reseach agenda for the citizens of a growing Europe
ID: 6164
Start date: 2005-06-01, End date: 2010-11-30
CLIOHRES is a Network of Excellence specifically designed to address the novel historical challenges, needs and research opportunities emerging from today's context of a growing and expanding Europe. In the view of the proponents, this is a vital area of endeavour, perhaps the...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 87355
Last updated on: 2011-03-03
European Universities for Entrepreneurship - their Role in the Europe of Knowledge
ID: 506051
Start date: 2004-09-01, End date: 2007-08-31
EUEREK will examine the changing role of the European university in supporting the development of the knowledge-based society. Through its teaching and research, the university provides the essential foundations of the knowledge-based society. In particular, EUEREK will study ...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 79249
Last updated on: 2010-12-20
PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE IN EDUCATION AND HEALTH: Restructuring work and life between the state and the citizens in Europe
ID: 506493
Start date: 2004-09-01, End date: 2007-12-31
The overarching ambition with the research proposed here is to describe, analyse and compare knowledge "at work" among professional actors situated between the state on one side and the citizens on the other side. This is a way to consider opportunities and constraints for cha...
Programme: FP6-CITIZENS
Record Number: 79230
Last updated on: 2010-12-23
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