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ID: 2207
Start date: 1993-10-11, End date: 1996-10-10
GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTION 1. Objectives of the Action 1.1.Introduction: Industrial Relevance and R&D Problems: A vast number of technical, physical and chemical processes take place at surfaces and the majority of material failures are surface-initiated by such surf...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21791
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: 819
Start date: 1994-05-24, End date: 1999-05-23
GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTION A. INTRODUCTION Entomopathogenic nematodes of the genera Steinernema and Heterorhabditis are associated with bacteria of the genus Xenorhabdus. The infective nematode dauer juvenile, adapted for long term survival in the soil, carries cells ...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21890
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: B2
Start date: 1988-09-16, End date: 1993-09-15
COST B2's specific objectives, which are based on computerised nuclear medical systems, are the following : -to develop quality assurance procedures and create organ-based software phantoms with databases, data acquisition standards, etc.; -to create procedures for evaluatio...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 16760
Last updated on: 2000-01-28
ID: D4
Start date: 1992-09-14, End date: 1997-09-13
In terms of enabling chemistry in the design of new molecular systems that may exhibit unconventional electrical, optical and/or magnetic properties, there are several broad research activities. These include the synthesis and characterisation of polymers, and supramolecular c...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21811
Last updated on: 2001-01-17
ID: F1
Start date: 1996-06-27, End date: 2000-06-26
The COST Action F1 "Complex Three-Dimensional Viscous Flows", launched officially at the Meeting of the Management Committee in Brussels, November 1992, is the first project in the domain of Fluid Dynamics undertaken in the COST context. After the Round I ended on 9 September ...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21815
Last updated on: 2000-07-04
ID: D6
Start date: 1992-09-10, End date: 1997-09-09
The main objective for COST D6 can be summarised as the "Investigation of the opportunities offered by the application of process technologies under extreme or unusual conditions for highly reactive and selective methods in chemical transformations". It aims at possible applic...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21813
Last updated on: 2001-01-17
ID: 2206
Start date: 1993-05-12, End date: 1999-05-11
COST 514's main objectives are to initiate and promote the development of ferroelectric thin films with and for European industries and, in particular, to encourage fundamental research to resolve technological problems that are at the origin of the present reduced commercial...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21790
Last updated on: 2003-03-05
ID: D5
Start date: 1992-09-24, End date: 1997-09-23
The objective of COST D5 is to contribute to the understanding of fundamental aspects of surface chemistry by developing novel methods for the fundamental analysis and the corresponding theoretical description of surfaces and interfaces at the microscopic level. To achieve thi...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21812
Last updated on: 2001-01-17
ID: A2
Start date: 1991-09-18, End date: 1994-09-17
The main objective of the Action was to bring about a scientific understanding of current migration problems in different parts of Europe and to provide the decision makers and the public with the information necessary for present and future decisions on many important and dif...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 20077
Last updated on: 1994-04-20
ID: D2
Start date: 1992-09-10, End date: 1997-09-09
The main objective for COST D2 is the search for new selective synthetic methods and their application to the development of new synthetic products, fine chemicals and drugs. This includes : asymmetric synthesis based on chiral auxiliaries, or chiral catalysts, or on the tran...
Programme: IC-COST
Record Number: 21809
Last updated on: 2001-01-17
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