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Potential adverse effects of gsm cellular phones on hearing
ID: QLK4-CT-2001-00150
Start date: 2002-01-01, End date: 2004-12-31
Although in the last decade the European public concern was growing on the potential adverse health effects due to the use of mobile phones, among the studies addressing their potential health effects, no studies investigated the effects on hearing, actually a highly sensitive...
Record Number: 64520
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
The use of stroke registers to assess the quality of stroke management across europe (EROS)
ID: QLG4-CT-2002-01191
Start date: 2002-10-01, End date: 2006-09-30
EROS is a 4-year prospective study across Europe that will develop methods and collect data in European populations to estimate the impact of stroke and assess the quality of stroke care. The main objective is to understand the factors underlying variations in the quality of c...
Record Number: 64725
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
The core european bioinformatics research infrastructure in the life sciences (EMBCORE)
ID: QLRI-CT-2001-01363
Start date: 2001-12-01, End date: 2004-11-30
Bio informatics is the science of managing and analysing biological information. Since 1988 there has been a strong European collaboration of currently 29 National and 8 Specialist bio informatics research nodes with over 32K users: the Embed, coordinating support, training an...
Record Number: 60044
Last updated on: 2012-06-12
Renewable energy certificates as instrument to monitor and stimulate RE development in Russia
ID: 12012
Start date: 2005-09-01, End date: 2007-02-28
Russia has huge resources for the use of renewable energy (RE). Decision makers are willing to exploit it. Their interest is driven by the need to diversify the supply of energy and to protect the environment. The Government is preparing a strategy for the stimulation of RES, ...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 74766
Last updated on: 2007-07-02
Generic Model Simulations of speading of marine pollutants in the Arctic environment during the 21st Centrury
ID: 12002
Start date: 2005-08-01, End date: 2006-07-31
The INCO2 RADARC project created for the first time a Generic Model System (GMS) for simulations of global change scenarios in the 21st Century for potential spreading radioactive contaminants in the Arctic Ocean from European and land-based sources in S iberia. This SSA will ...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 74764
Last updated on: 2010-01-11
Final Report Summary - GMS application (Generic Model Simulations of speading of marine pollutants in the Arctic environment during the 21st Centrury)
The 'Generic Model Simulations (GMS) of spreading of marine pollutants in the Arctic environment during the 21st Century' (GMS application) project represents the first time simulations of global change scenarios have been created for the 21st century regarding the for potenti...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 46632
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Conceptual Modelling of Networking of Centres for High-Quality Research in Slavic Lexicography and Their Digital Resources
ID: 211938
Start date: 2008-04-01, End date: 2010-03-31
The main objective of the project is to design the conceptual scheme of a research infrastructure supporting the networking of centres for high-quality research in Slavic lexicography, fostering their scientific capacity, integrating their digital resources and opening them u...
Record Number: 86751
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
New generation of nanoporous organic and hybrid aerogels for industrial applications: from the lab to pilot scale production
ID: 685648
Start date: 2015-11-01, End date: 2019-04-30
The main objective of the project is the development of the pilot scale production system of the new generation of nanoporous organic and hybrid aerogels with multiple functions for application in gas and humidity adsorption, personal care and food. Thereby the fast...
Programme: H2020-EU.
Record Number: 199829
Last updated on: 2017-07-24
A Modular Nanosystems Platform for Advanced Cancer Management:  Nano-vehicles; Tumor Targeting and Penetration Agents; Molecular Imaging, Degradome based Therapy
ID: 263307
Start date: 2011-03-01, End date: 2015-02-28
SaveMe project will address current urgent needs for pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment by exploiting partners’ expertise and most recent research achievements for the design and development of novel modular nanosystems platform integrating new functionalized nano-core...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 98079
Last updated on: 2017-10-08
Enabling Intelligent GMES Services for Carbon and Water Balance Modeling of Northern Forest Ecosystems
ID: 606962
Start date: 2013-09-05, End date: 2017-01-01
Boreal forest is the largest terrestrial biome and will be strongly affected by climate warming, which is predicted to be strongest at high latitudes, with significant impacts on the European economy. North State will demonstrate how innovative methods applied to the new Sent...
Programme: FP7-SPACE
Record Number: 188866
Last updated on: 2017-10-08
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