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[PROJECT] MULTOS - A Multimedia Filing System
ID: 28
Start date: 1985-02-01, End date: 1990-02-01
The aim of MULTOS was to develop an efficient and cost-effective system for filing and retrieving multimedia documents in the office environment. The MULTOS approach to office document filing and retrieval is intended to support applications where the processing of informatio...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8738
Last updated on: 1992-12-08
ID: 1623
Start date: 1986-01-01, End date: 1989-01-01
The aim of the TODOS project was to develop tools to support office systems design. These tools were to cover all phases from the planning stage to the proposal of an office systems architecture. The tools developed were to support requirements collectionand analysis, logical ...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8652
Last updated on: 1992-12-08
ID: 1607
Start date: 1986-03-01, End date: 1991-03-01
The primary objective of COMANDOS was the creation of a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use environment for the development and management of distributed applications in the office. In order to create this type of environment a range of tools had to be designed and implemented....
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8641
Last updated on: 1992-12-08
ID: 1505
Start date: 1986-03-01, End date: 1989-03-01
The objectives of the DELTA-4 project were to formulate, develop and demonstrate an open system, fault-tolerant, distributed computer connection architecture conforming to the OSI model. The architecture was to be capable of being configured to support a range of performances ...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8434
Last updated on: 1992-12-08
ID: 1588
Start date: 1987-01-05, End date: 1990-01-05
The objective of SPAN was to investigate programming languages and parallel architectures for the integration of symbolic and numeric processing, and to develop a common virtual machine. The project was organised into distinct layers: application softwarepackages; high-level l...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8486
Last updated on: 1992-12-01
ID: 1558
Start date: 1987-03-16, End date: 1990-06-16
The area of application of the planned knowledge-based systems was financial portfolio management. This is not a new area for knowledge-based computing: it was identified early in the USA as a profitable area for expert system development. However successhas been limited. Clie...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8484
Last updated on: 1992-11-25
ID: 1541
Start date: 1987-01-01, End date: 1988-01-01
The objective of the project was to provide a pan-European basis for the assessment of speech technology devices.
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8666
Last updated on: 1992-11-30
ID: 866
Start date: 1986-01-21, End date: 1990-01-21
The objective of COUSTO was to develop an integrated acousto-optical device including processing in the 0.1-1GHz range. This was to include various optical elements as well as the radiation source and suitable detectors for a 1-D signal. Applications for such a device range fr...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8412
Last updated on: 1992-11-24
ID: 1633
Start date: 1985-12-19, End date: 1989-03-19
The goal of this project was to evaluate and to advance the ISO and CCITT standards on Office Document Architecture (ODA), and to accelerate the exploitation of ODA.
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8665
Last updated on: 1992-11-30
ID: 395
Start date: 1984-09-01, End date: 1989-09-01
The principal purpose of the INCA project was to define and design an integrated network architecture for office communications within the framework of current international standards, particularly Open Systems Interconnection (OSI). It was also intended to demonstrate aspect...
Programme: FP1-ESPRIT 1
Record Number: 8633
Last updated on: 1992-12-09
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