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Both gasification and pyrolysis technologies have made significant progress over the last three years. Although neither technology is yet truly economic in the absence of fiscal incentives, the scientific and technical knowledge base has grown considerably. This will contribut...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21137
Last updated on: 1998-09-16
ID: AIR32284
Start date: 1994-12-01, End date: 1997-05-31
The main objectives of this Concerted Action within the AIR program are: - Coordination of the different projects and activities concerning a gasification of biomass within the EU and the EFTA countries. - Improvement of the information flow between the different working g...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 29513
Last updated on: 1995-11-02
ID: AIR31857
Start date: 1995-01-01, End date: 1997-12-31
- to establish a European network of active technology researchers and developers of biomass pyrolysis processes and related technologies; - to establish a forum for the discussion and exchange of information on new scientific and technological developments on biomass pyroly...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 29451
Last updated on: 1995-11-02
ID: AIR32299
Start date: 1994-12-01, End date: 1996-11-30
The objective of this concerted action proposal is to collect and disseminate to the appropriate recipients, the ever-increasing amount of information available from CEC funded programmes and other sources relating to non-food uses of agricultural crops. The targeted end use...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 29515
Last updated on: 1995-11-02
The value of various agro-food processing wastes can be increased through fermentation. At present large amounts of vegetable wastes (pomace) are generated during juice extraction from fruit and vegetables. These are often dumped in landfills or fed to animals. The organic fra...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21146
Last updated on: 1998-09-16
The research concerns obtaining high yields of stable and efficient enzymes from a thermophilic fungus, Thermoascus aurantiacus, which produces a complete cellulase and hemicellulase enzyme system, for use in valorization of agricultural wastes of agronomic importance from col...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 21147
Last updated on: 1998-09-16
ID: AIR21023
Start date: 1994-01-01, End date: 1996-12-31
The project aims to increase the value of various agro-food processing wastes through fermentation. The processing of fruit and vegetables for making juices and wines leads to large amounts of vegetable residues (pomace), which are landfilled or fed to animals. Biowaste, anoth...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 17619
Last updated on: 1998-11-05
ID: AIR21164
Start date: 1994-01-01, End date: 1997-05-31
The concerted action will strengthen the research on policy measures to promote and meet environmental goals in agriculture. Specifically, it will: - compose an overview of economic research and policies in the EU to control environmental impact from agriculture; - impro...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 29369
Last updated on: 1995-11-02
ID: AIR32327
Start date: 1995-02-01, End date: 1998-01-31
The objective is to design a set of inventory and monitoring systems for forest resources management, applicable in all regions of the EU for the optimal decision making in the production of multiple goods and services. This will include: - a model for forest resources m...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 29519
Last updated on: 1995-11-02
ID: AIR21272
Start date: 1993-10-01, End date: 1996-09-30
The objective of the proposed work was to improve the feasibility of enzymatic conversion of cellulosic materials into sugars by gaining a better understanding of the factors that effect the efficiency of conversion by the enzymes responsible. The released sugars can be used a...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 6051
Last updated on: 2003-02-13
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