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Zeolite-water adsorption heat pumps have been subject to intensive research activity as they appeared to be a very attractive technology, particularly for the domestic market. Heat transfer within the machines, however, must be improved for them to reach full development. This...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22285
Last updated on: 1999-05-08
The project identified the opportunities and problems associated with integrating power from large numbers of small domestic photovoltaic (PV) installations into a rural electricity grid. A model analysed the technical limits of PV penetration and the benefits and problems for...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 21223
Last updated on: 1998-09-16
The project aimed to investigate and test the potential of Holographic Optical Elements (HOE) for passive sun control. Based on a combination of transmission and reflection holograms, the HOE is a stationary shading device built into the glazing materials of buildings. By cons...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22278
Last updated on: 1999-05-08
The project investigated the time-dependent, stress-related reservoir behaviour caused by changes in the reservoir pressure during production. The three main objectives of the project were: to provide useful geomechanical data on hydrocarbon fields, to understand the physics b...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22434
Last updated on: 1999-05-12
This project, involving a large number of partners, sought to bring together in one place knowledge relating to the strength of indoor pollution sources, and establish the necessary ventilation rates which would provide both for an energy-efficient operation, and com-fortable ...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22281
Last updated on: 1999-05-08
The project aimed to optimise the stacking of planar solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) components with ceramic bipolar plates, and to investigate suitable sealing designs in an up-scaled integrated SOFC module. This would allow improved component design and overall operational per...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22261
Last updated on: 1999-05-08
The JOULE project ExternE, developed an accounting framework and methodology for calculating the environmental impact costs of the major fuel cycles used in fossil fuel and nuclear electricity production in France. Knowledge of these costs is necessary if there is to be intern...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22165
Last updated on: 1999-04-23
[REPORT SUMMARY] FOCUS 21: The Solar House
The 2,200 m 2 FOCUS 21 building in Toftlund, in the southern part of Denmark, wasplanned as a centre for hosting exhibitions, conferences, courses and relatedactivities on new energy technologies and environmental issues. The planners alsohad a vision that the building would b...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22123
Last updated on: 1999-04-23
To overcome the barriers that currently restrict the widespread introduction of the heat pump concept into the market, it is necessary to design an adequate technology transfer action. The project aimed to ensure that the results of heat pump research and technological develop...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22280
Last updated on: 1999-05-08
The Geoscience II project was con-cerned with new methodologies foranalysing seismic data in order tomodel petroleum reservoirs. This in-volvedthe two linked processes of generatingsynthetic seismic data from anearlier model and "inverting" observed seismic data to produce a n...
Programme: FP3-JOULE 2
Record Number: 22104
Last updated on: 1999-04-23
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